29 January, 2007, 858 pm
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I like my morning routine. Get up, rub my eyes a lot, turn off the TV, go to the bathroom, play GHII or do something otherwise considered unproductive by the masses (BUT I’M WORKING ON GETTING THE BATTLEAXXXx!!! How is that unproductive?!), then hop in the shower, and when I get out, sit in my underwear at the computer figuring out what I’m going to do for the rest of the day, as my chair leaves an imprint on the back of my thighs. I save contemplating life for the evenings. I hate mornings, and I’m totally not a morning person, ever, but I have fun in the mornings. Well, “fun.”

This morning, I managed to find my Pokemon, Sailor Moon, Yu-Gi-Oh (It’s on! And I got the cards from my g-ma when I was like 12, so I was kind of disgusted…), and American Girl trading cards. Most of them were Pokemon, though. It was a rewarding experience.

I also actually had breakfast for the first time in…probably in months, actually. In about eighth grade, this would have been news, shocking news to me, just terrifying, because I always used to eat breakfast back then. I was pretty dependent on food. Well, after I lost the weight and didn’t care about food anymore, I was like, “FUCK THIS!” Screw breakfast, after school snacks, the munchies…meat, high fructose corn syrup. You could say I enjoy the vegetarian cuisine a lot. And, okay, sometimes, I get the munchies.

Normally I’m good at segways, but I guess I don’t normally write in the mornings.

I was listening to Wolf Parade’s “Grounds for Divorce” one day, and I decided to look up the lyrics. At one part, it sounds like he says, “Look at the lovers/In the telephone stands/And the way they move/And the way they move their hands/And look at their babies/Playing in the sand/And the way they get loved/And the way they get loved, oh.” And I’ve listened to the song multiple times since, and that sounds about right. However, every last lyric site I’ve gone to says, “Look at the lovers/And the way they stand/And the way they move/And the way they move their hands/And look at their babies/And their tiny little hands/And the way they get loved/And the way they get loved, oh.” It does NOT sound like that! I’m sorry! I don’t hear it! The syllables don’t match, the sounds don’t match!

Oh, but did you ever realize that Andrew Bird’s “The Happy Birthday Song” has the same little riff at the beginning as “Grounds for Divorce” does at the end? Same notes and everything, same rhythm. Maybe I’m the only one who listens to both…

With combined brain power, Derek and I managed to discover that my “lyrics” were totally off because some nasty little fuck thought it would be funny/I don’t even KNOW to put a wrong version on Limewire.  That teaches me not to trust downloads.


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downloads do suck sometimes. i mean, when i’m expecting an actual orchestral rendition of something, i end up getting synthesized crap that sounds nothing like it would if it were the real thing, and i hate that.
SAILOR MOON TRADING CARDS??? oh snap. i didn’t know that such a thing existed :( haha that’s pretty sweet though.
hip hip hooray for the third nine weeks…NOT!

Comment by divya

MY COMMENT DIDN’T WORK. grr. anyway it was something along the lines of
-downloads do suck sometimes, i always get synthesized crap instead of real music.
-i didn’t know they made sailor moon trading cards but that’s pretty freaking awesome.
-and now this is a new addition to the comment, but I LIKE WHALES. i even had a teeny little blue whale shaped eraser i got in sixth grade from my english teacher for doing something extra (we could pick between candy and an eraser, and that whale was just too cute but most people picked candy) except i accidentally broke the tail off so now it can’t fly. YEAH THAT”S RIGHT IT CAN’T FLY. but it can swim pretty well.

Comment by divya

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