28 January, 2007, 736 am
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Today, in the car, I considered this revival of my self, or I guess myself.  I was thinking about people who act themselves and 99% of the time don’t restrain themselves, or rather, who are not fake.  They voice their opinons, make themselves heard, and let people know what kind of mood they’re in instead of trying to conceal it.  And why the fuck not?  A few people whizzed around in my brain, but they were detached, fuzzy, and frankly, I didn’t care about them at all.  Then someone incredibly genuine came to mind, someone who, not only is she always her genuine self, but she’s also incredibly loyal, a great friend, who is, in fact, the only person in the world who can tell what kind of a mood I’m in without only extremely subtle hints, because she’s very detail-oriented.


This isn’t just a flattery blog either, for a best friend…it’s not that I felt an obligation to write about her because I haven’t done so yet…it’s a gratitude blog as much as it is a completely relevant record of a mark in my life, where I’m trying to figure myself out, and Divya has always been there as the symbol of truth and just honesty right under my nose.  She knows what other people think of her, and whether that’s good or bad, she doesn’t care, but it’s not a broody rock-hard type of don’t care; it’s a really flimsy, liquidy, almost pleasant and laughing type of don’t care, where if she needed to, she could care, but she doesn’t need to, so she doesn’t.  But I think more people should appreciate her than not because she’s real.  And I find it interesting because while she’s somewhat outgoing (or talkative, I guess) in certain social situations, and she makes her mind known, there’s so much that nobody else knows about her, likely not even me.  And every day, you find out something new and appreciate her more.  I love having intelligent conversation, even in the mornings when I probably look and sound like I could care less.  I think tree talk is funny, even with my occasional halfhearted chuckles.  And man, this is going to sound fucking borderline homosexual, but I don’t care–I’ll say what I want on my own blog!  You can tell all this by the lack of imputiries in her eyes, especially in the sunlight, where it’s a rich milk chocolate tinged maybe with some caramel?  But the caramel’s mixed in really well.  And her eyes are framed by thick black eyelashes, and protected by good-shaped eyebrows (I am obsessive over eyebrows).  It doesn’t matter if she has to wear contacts or glasses to see; she still has gorgeous eyes.


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HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ohhhhhhhh my god. i think i just died. that last bit may have had the potential to have sounded just a teeny bit borderline homosexual, but i know you didn’t mean it like that, so it’s all good.
thanks for all of that other stuff (now i’m all warm and fuzzy inside yay)- for a while there, i didn’t know if i was anything to you anymore. i wasn’t sure if i was one of the many people that you felt uncomfortable around and only recently decided to do what you want to around, or didn’t care if they read “there is no present or future” and commented or not- which is why i didn’t comment or attempt to do anything. so back to referencing this particular entry, i’m glad i could be there for you when you needed the honesty, i guess? and i’m glad you don’t hate me or anything, because that would kind of suck.
btw i just finished watching “the illusionist”: ABSOLUTELY AMAZING MOVIE. it’s so intriguing and has historical stuff and political stuff and romance stuff and murder mystery stuff and is just amazing and has nice background music too so rent it or something, it’s great.

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