26 January, 2007, 439 am
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[18:44] indiechouette: d00d
[18:44] indiechouette: i just had a revelation
[18:44] indiechouette: and you’re going to question my intelligence, maybe, for asking this
[18:44] indiechouette: but
[18:44] indiechouette: or, well, stating it
[18:44] indiechouette: but
[18:44] indiechouette: you know how in spanish, “burro” means donkey/ass?
[18:44] indiechouette: or mule
[18:44] indiechouette: or w/e?
[18:44] Mastashake91: yeah
[18:45] indiechouette: well, maybe i should have started with this
[18:45] indiechouette: the normal word for brother is hermano
[18:45] indiechouette: but
[18:45] indiechouette: when you’re talking about a little brother, you call him a hermanito
[18:45] indiechouette: so
[18:45] indiechouette: burro + ito = burrito
[18:45] indiechouette: eeehhh?
[18:45] Mastashake91: haha
[18:45] Mastashake91: uhh
[18:45] Mastashake91: idk
[18:45] indiechouette: i dunno either
[18:46] Mastashake91: never thought of it like that
[18:46] indiechouette: i was just thinking…MAYBE that’s how it got the name, but then i dunno, how is that like a little mule?
[18:46] indiechouette: unLESS
[18:46] indiechouette: it’s because it carries many ingredients, like packmules carry many things
[18:47] Mastashake91: i think you’re thinking about this too hard
[18:47] indiechouette: probably
[18:47] indiechouette: haha
[18:47] Mastashake91:
[18:47] indiechouette:
[18:48] indiechouette: OH, WIKIPEDIA!
[18:48] indiechouette: The word burrito literally means “little donkey” in Spanish. The name burrito possibly derives from the appearance of a rolled up wheat tortilla, which vaguely resembles the ear of its namesake animal, or from bedrolls and packs that burros carried.
[18:48] Mastashake91: what would we do without wiki
[18:48] indiechouette: sweet mother
[18:49] Mastashake91: YOU’RE A GENIUS PAIGE
[18:49] indiechouette: and i’ve gone sixteen years without knowing why a burrito was called a burrito…when i could have just looked on wikipedia
[18:49] Mastashake91: YOU SOLVED IT
[18:49] indiechouette: hahahaha
[18:49] indiechouette: we just figured out blue’s clues!
[18:49] Mastashake91: that’s like solving the rubiks cube
[18:49] Mastashake91: good work
[18:49] indiechouette: hah, THX
[18:50] Mastashake91: ROFL
[18:50] indiechouette: LOLZ
[18:50] Mastashake91: IWBLHBMCIAAIDWTWH
[18:51] Mastashake91: (I would be laughing harder but my cat is asleep and I don’t want to wake him)
[18:51] Mastashake91: beat it sucka
[18:51] indiechouette: what, what you just wrote?
[18:51] indiechouette: OH
[18:52] indiechouette: i’m dumb
[18:52] Mastashake91: dood
[18:52] Mastashake91: you know what
[18:52] Mastashake91: just forget it
[18:52] Mastashake91: oh my gawd
[18:52] indiechouette: =\
[18:52] Mastashake91: you can figure out the mystery of a burrito
[18:52] Mastashake91: but man
[18:52] indiechouette: LO SIENTO
[18:52] indiechouette: SEN(~)OR!
[18:53] indiechouette: NO HABLO ESPAN(~)OL
[18:53] indiechouette: YO HABLO FRANCE(‘)S
[18:53] indiechouette: YO NO SOY ESTUPIDA
[18:53] Mastashake91: it’s stupida
[18:53] indiechouette: JE PROMIS
[18:53] indiechouette: WHATEVER


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Haha, it is estúpida, not stupida. You were right.

Comment by Carlos

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