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Mmk, stats show that I am getting more lurkers than usual. That’s good. Just, je voudrais for a variety of people to comment, okay? I want a variety of opinons circulating, and I want a bunch of different random reactions and ideas. Lurkers keep that in mind.

Where to begin for today? Myth: Two-hour delay does no good. That’s…true, and we didn’t even need the Myth Busters to come in and prove it. While most of the catty girls in my HUSH class were making weird faces at one another at 1050 AM, completely unamused by the part-time Wildcat News anchorman and his daring to be different (haha, YEAH! Someone should have picked up on “Dare to be Different!”), I appreciated his sarcasm and I guess his false excitement voice. I hate catty girls. Really, I do. I also hate liars and cheaters, and I hope that wasn’t too pointed a glare in any direction. I know it wasn’t.

That, though, leads me to the point of this entry. Obviously…I’ve been writing a lot lately about how much j’adore Régine Chassagne. She is not Jenny Lewis, but she has new material, and I think I may love her as much as I love Jenny. However, Régine is married, so I cannot have her. Ugh.

Who is Régine, though, really? I know a shitload of you are stumped out of your minds, even ones who should know who she is. Well. Régine is the haïtienne female vocalist, accordion player, drummer, xylophonist, and keyboardist of the Arcade Fire, yes, that band I want to sex. Her husband, Win Butler, is the lead guitarist and vocalist mastermind behind the Arcade Fire. She’s fucking amazing.

Now here begins the countown you’ve been waiting for since you read the title of this here little blog! Exciting, I know.

The Top 5 Reasons I Love Régine Chassagne

Keep in mind that absolutely everything about little Miss Régine is game for my wonderful observations. Just know it.

5. Her arms. I know this sounds really weird, like I might be interested in her in more than a platonic manner, and yes, it’s okay to have girl crushes, but when I notice her arms, you must think I’m hiding something, right? If you watched that Laika video I put up, and maybe looked into other Arcade Fire live performances, you’ll notice that Régine always wears the same outfit. This may sound unsanitary, but it’s a nice outfit, a black dress complete with red glovelike things up to a little below the elbow. This is also why I love Sarah Neufeld a lot…If you observe her body proportions, they are not famished, and her husband is really hott (you should know I’m poking fun at America when I use that word). When I first found out that Régine and Win were married, I was disappointed, because I thought, “Along with this luscious indie rock voice must come a skinny, marketed-to-the-public, ugly-ass indie rock girl.” Not that our Régine is not skinny. She is perfect, though, and her arms, well, they reassure me that I do not need biceps to be happy. I can have all the globs of fat I want (not that Régine’s arms are fat–they aren’t at all! They’re just not substanceless.), and some attractive male out there won’t give a shit that I don’t have biceps. He’ll love me because I can make lustrous indie rock music. Or, well, for some other reason. Ha-ha.

4. Her pronunciation of the word “envelope.” From the time I was in preschool, I began to notice a discrepancy in people’s pronunciation of words depending on what part of the state or country they were from. Like, the simple word coupon was pronounced “coo-pawn” by me and “queue-pawn” by many an adult. Nevada was “nuh-vaw-duh” or “nuh-vaaah!-duh.” Philly people pronounced “berry” like “burr-y.” When I moved south, I had to train my ears to learn a new crayon (no longer “cran,” now “crown”) and a new aunt (now “ont,” not “ant”), and our (“ahh-wurr,” not “arr”), the last of which still kills me to this day. So envelope was “n-velope” instead of “on-velope.” When I looked up the lyrics for the Arcade Fire’s “The Woodlands National Anthem,” I noted this very word, and since Régine sings a good majority of this chanson, and also since she speaks fluent French, having been born in Canada and all, and then living in Canada for like forever, and since in French, you pronounce “en” as “on,” I figured that our darling would disappoint me and pronounce envelope as “on-velope.” But as I cringed there, listening for this disappointment, I realized she’d already said, “You just licked the envelope,” normally like twice. Gaddamn, GOTTA LOVE HER.

3. Her French. What can I say? ‘S cute!

2. Her hair. Man, REGINE! Her hair is curly, dude! And you know what? I love it. She doesn’t go out of her way to tame her hair and get it to go straight just for a silly photo shoot or a concert. She wears it naturally in a fro-like state. That sounds insulting; I don’t intend for it to be.  But you know what? It works infinitely well for her. It’s gorgeous. It defines her and she defines it. If she ever straightened her hair for a photo or something, man, I think I’d be a little upset that she sold out! She has gorgeous, healthy hair because she doesn’t do that. Oh, and an added bonus: In the MTV2 Laika video, she’s a character, and the animators gave her like Medusa hair. Haha. J’aime Régine. Not J’aime Tambeur, ha-ha, I’m clever. The Unicorns…anyone? The Islands? No, okay.


1. Her voice. I had a hard time with Numero Uno parce que I wanted to choose her height or lack thereof (look at the Conan video!  Then again, Conan is mammoth-sized.) because it’s something else she and I have in common, but then I was listening to “Laika” (THE! POLICE! DI-I-I-SCO LIGHTS!) and “The Woodlands National Anthem” and “Black Wave/Bad Vibrations” and I decided that something musical had to go in the number one spot. I honestly, man, I love her voice. It’s eerie, realistic, fairy-like. She can do happy. I’d so love to hear her speak in an interview. Hell, I’d love to hear her speak in person, to me.

*If you notice that these photos, or any on my blog, for that matter, were taken from your Flickr, and you want due credit, just post me a nice li’l comment with your Flickr account name and which photograph is yours, and I’ll get you the credit you deserve.  KTHX.  Again, poking fun at online LINGO.


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yesterdays announcements were the best ever- much more interesting than usual.
i can’t imagine her with straight hair, actually…

Comment by divya

I’ve like checked your blog almost everyday for months. I just don’t comment, but I’ll try to start.

Haha, you’re obsessing over Regine like you were Jenny. Only, as far as I know, you’re still obsessed with Jenny. rarara. I love you.

Comment by Derek

I appreciate Eric Barker as well. It’s much better than the pathetic attempt at cuteness with the little trade-offs, if you remember [Girl on the left: and remember, just bring in 5____Girl on the right:DOLLARS!] HAR HAR HAR not really though. But they try, and it’s quite obvious they dont want to be doing that job. Sorry if you’re friends with them, heh. keep up with the interesting writing.

Comment by laurrasb

I love Régine more than you do.

Comment by Carlos

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Comment by Earnest Faust

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Comment by Cara

You do not pronounce “en” like “on” in french. I love Regine too.

Comment by Papass

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