18 January, 2007, 702 am
Filed under: School

I’ve been excessively tired lately at night, and I think it’s just because I’ve been working so hard all day lately, for school. I’ve done my homework, organized binders, studied, done exam reviews, et cetera. All this order is helping keep my skin clear. I don’t know how I’ll get it all done before exams, but I’m excited for the arrival of a new semester, so I can start over again.

I will attempt to write something witty soon, but until then, all I can leave you with is this link, which captured my heart.

I’m in an Imogen Heap mood right now, at her most innovative, inventive…mostly “Hide And Seek,” okay, but an Imogen Heap mood nonetheless.  I’ve got announcements and momentous events to share, but not right now.  Right now, I’ve got to make like Hester Prynne and keep some secrets.  I’ve got to make like someone who sleeps a lot and go to sleep.  GOOD ONE, I know.


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ME TOO. the tired thing. and i can’t wait for the new semester either. i need sleep too. ehhh.

Comment by divya

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