18 January, 2007, 1107 pm
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Probably my first humongous announcement of the year is that Sufjan Stevens is playing at the Kennedy Center in DC on February 5.  That’s in about two weeks, and it’s a free show.  Plus, I mean, Sufjan Stevens.  That’s phenomenal.  It’s not going to be a Jenny Lewis case where we “can’t get tickets, OH WELL” and thus can’t go.  Although that wasn’t an “OH WELL” situation for me or Erika; it was an, “OH GOD DAMN, I WANT TO HIT A WALRUS, THIS IS THE END OF THE FUCKING WORLD” situation, with five exclaimation marks, exactly.  It’s going to be my first real live innovative concert.  Unless, of course, you want to count Styx, which, go ahead, be my guest.  Commaaaaaaassssssss.

Then on March 5 (and only the avid groupies would know this because it’s only been announced on the Saddle Creek site), Bright Eyes is going to be in DC at the 930 Club, which is where J.Lewis was.  I’m stoked.  Like, I don’t think it’s hit yet, and maybe I’m still extremely disappointed and mellowed out from the Jenny Lewis thing…you people should have noticed that I don’t talk about her enough anymore, and she is my homegirl…but this is a huge deal, and I’m kind of loafing around pretending it’s not happening/not that big a deal.  But it is.  It’s momentous.

Thus, I’ve made a real cute slideshow for my mumz to show her why I should be able to go.  I also incorporated it with my slideshow as to why I should be allowed to hang out on weeknights (mainly avec Derek).  It’s the most work I’ve done in a good long time (except cramming the Scarlet Letter into my skull almost literally, which is actually turning out to be a decent book, cringey cringe cringe), but I’ll show it to her today after school…we’ll see how it all goes down after she’s seen my hard effort.  Maybe I’ll post some of the cleverer slides on here!  After I’ve read my fill of the Scarlet Letter for today.


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walrus abuse!!!!!!!!
good luck with the slideshow situation!

Comment by divya


haha no there’s no fermata. but i called your house last night and you were at derek’s house and idk what time is good for me to call you today but i know you see your comments usually and so i figure this is how i’m going to have to invite you to my mini-recital of sorts because your email address sends everything that i send to it, back to me.

so. ahemhemhem. i’m having a mini-recital type thingy for you and a few other chums, at my house thursday, from 6 to 7. i won’t be playing the entire hour or anything and i hope it won’t be boring, it’s actually a really fun piece and a really pretty etude that i want to play for you guys so i can get over my stage fright for friday when i have to play it in front of the whole class and get my honors credit for this semester.
so. will you be there? i know you have a chemistry exam the next day, but they say classical (well in this case, to be specific, baroque) music later in the day helps one’s memory.

RSVP ASAP por favor.

Comment by divya

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