14 January, 2007, 1205 am
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Haha, I love Divya.  She’s a loyal reader and commenter and thus needs to be acknowledged.  My cat just put her butt in some spilled NyQuil on my desk that I haven’t gotten the opportunity or motivation to clean up yet.

I felt like all my stress was relieved yesterday.  I aced two Driver’s Ed quizzes.  I made up the two quizzes I needed to in Math Analysis and aced them, as well as classwork and a quiz we took that class.  I aced a Chem test (I got all the multiple choice right, and my stoichiometry problems had two stupid errors that threw two answers off–like I put that 1 mole of carbon dioxide was 60 grams when it’s actually only 44 grams; I must have added an extra oxygen when calculating the mass).  I went to English class, as if that wasn’t stressful enough, but I talked to Mrs. Fuller, and she’s not hostile.  I aced a vocab quiz, and I was included in a Scarlet Letter discussion group that wasn’t mine because apparently, I didn’t have one.  That was the big thing.  English class.  It was probably the best Friday I’ve had academically all year.  Aside from that, fun stuff, I improved my PSAT scores considerably from last year (although I’m not sure if I did better than freshman year, at least not percentilewise).  Like last year, I got a 570 on critical reading, a 520 on math, and a 650 on writing skills, adding up to a total of 1740, but this year, I got 650, 540, and 710, consecutively, which gives me a total of 1900, which makes me happy.  I need to get one of those SAT books now to work up to at least a 2000 total.  Oh, and I asked my dad what he got on the 1600-point SATs when he took them, which are today’s critical reading and math scores combined, and he said he thinks he got an 1190, which is what I got with those scores combined.  So that’s not too shabby, although I would have preferred something over 1200, or over 1206 or whatever, which was what George W got.  I need to ask my mom what she got on the SATs.


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aww i love you too. haha which cat? is she leaving sticky sleep-inducing spots wherever she sits now? congrats on all the good grades! yesterday was particularly good for me academically as well, i think i got a 90 on a apush quiz (very rare in my case) and i got a 90 on the driver’s ed X quiz. didn’t take the parallel parking one, went to clinic for awful crampy aches. then got on wrong bus. luckily pauline was on it b/c it was her cousin effie’s bus. i was insanely woozy and dizzy and tired and wanted to go home and saw the number on the bus which was the wrong one but very similar to ours and got on it and the lady said two buses were going on it so i thought it made sense that pauline was there but after a while i realized u weren’t there and it wasn’t our bus and then i freaked out but went home w/ pauline. will write more tomorrow.

Comment by divya

jajaja i like this title, i didn’t notice it before. anyway, congrats on ur scores!!!!!!!! i got a 650 on critical rdg, 570 in math, and 620 in writing skillz. over all, 1840. i’m in the 90th percentile or whatever. i think i might take sat prep classes or something. ayiyi. i suck at math.

Comment by divya

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