14 January, 2007, 831 am
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Over the past three or so years, as Alexa has settled down into a permanent clique of friends, I’ve come to realize how much I hate her friends. I understand that the 5-year age gap probably has a lot to do with this, but just the same, I feel like she and her friends are a part of a completely different generation from me and Rachael. I mean, Rachael and I grew up with Power Rangers and Barbies, not at all reliant on computers for our childhoods. In fact, we didn’t have NetZero until I was like eight, and it wasn’t until last year that we had wireless and Comcast, so that we could get online (on multiple computers!) whenever we wanted without it interfering with the phones. I was probably fifteen when I got a computer in my room. Alexa was nine or ten. She’s a part of the technology age, where she gets on Neopets for amusement and has never had to use her imagination a day in her life. I suppose it’s good for me that I grew up alongside technology as I did, because I was thus granted the opportunity to learn to become independent and use my imagination and appreciate playing outdoor games all year, but at the same time, it allowed my mind to expand with the expansion of culture and the WWW. I feel like my generation is more appreciative than the next.

I also know that my generation is/was far more polite and pristine than the “next” generation. At a young age, I didn’t much care for video games; I was a girly girl in every aspect. I didn’t learn about the word “fuck” I guess until freshman year, and I didn’t take up cussing my heart out until mid-sophomore year. I now use my words sparingly except when I’m playing Guitar Hero II and missing tons of notes. Almost anyone can vouch for this. Back to my point. I guess I was raised well or maybe born with a few more ounces of self-discipline than Rachael was, or maybe it was because I was the oldest and thus had no elder siblings to teach/ruin me, but my mother always says that I’m the polite one out of us three. I ask permission, I do what’s asked of me, I thank my parents for everything from rides to meals to tangible items, I’m quite patient, and I’m not particularly obnoxious. Other people don’t typically realize this, mostly because I’m very timid, and while I’m swimming in pools of gratitude, I lose my cool and sometimes come off as being quite brusque. Rachael and Alexa are both kind of polite, but both of them have a sense of edge and outgoingness, and a sort of definite defiance that I’ve never had or, as my mom puts it, I’d “never dream of” committing some of the microinequities they do. I’m proud.

Back to Alexa’s stupid little friends. They’re obnoxious, loud, and rude. Rachael and I were playing GH one night when one was sleeping over, and she and Alexa wanted to play, but it’s our house and we were in Rachael’s room, which is the rightful home of the PS2, and this little bitch asked us to “hurry up.” That’s all fine and good, but when you’re talking to someone five years your senior who lives here and doesn’t feel like taking crap late at night from little elementary school losers who collect Neopets…it’s best you have a little respect and be very, very polite. Or else you’re not going to get what you want, period, and as an added bonus, you might wake up in the middle of the night and find your hand in a cup of water and then realize you pissed your sleeping bag.

I wouldn’t really do that to anyone, and hopefully, no one would do that to me, because it’s a bitch to get the scent of pee out of the carpets, and furthermore, it’s a bitch to clean yourself up after you’ve wet your pants.

My point? My sister is real cute, but she has bad decision-making skills because her friends are all exceptionally annoying. If there was a prize for being obnoxious, all her friends would collectively win. Except her one friend Abby, who’s real nice, polite, and not annoying at all, and I’m not being sarcastic. Sounds like someone displaced from my generation, har-har.


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yeah, kids these days are so different. my little 6 year old cousin doesn’t play with toys, she gets on the computer for fun. it’s kinda scary.

wow that child musnt’a ever learned her manners…if one of my brother’s friends did that i’d kick their butt from here to alberquerque.

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