9 January, 2007, 559 am
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Gaddamn, I really hate school after breaks, especially breaks that start out so extraordinarily well, with a new relationship and tons of chilling, and then end in illness and extreme separation anxiety that can’t even be fully cured by school. And makeup work, fuck it. Most of my teachers are understanding, but I swear to God, C. Fuller is this sweet little German woman on the outside who’s just a poltergeist on the inside, and half the time, she doesn’t even realize it. I love her generosity, but at the same time, it’s not like I went out and rolled in sick people’s lugeys and snot just to get sick. Partay at the diseased kid’s house, sex and drugs and germs, I don’t think so. I have my full week to catch myself up, because that’s how long I was out, and the amount of work she’s assigning is monstrous.

My English teacher!!!

That was actually sort of a segway into what I wanted to talk about next, which is my favourite song. See, upon checking up on my English homework, I noted that we were supposed to bring in our favourite song’s lyrics for what I guessed was a poetic analysis since lyrics are poetry. Being an uber procrastinator and a professional (if I learned one thing from Moody, it was how to uber procrastinate and make it into a work of art), I just blew it off and assigned finding a favourite song for first block. Of course, I was actually going to put some thought into this because I wouldn’t want to walk in there with a crappy song that didn’t mean anything to me, and that’s kind of why I saved it for first block.

Fifth block rolled around, and I pretty much had a study period for chem (which reminds me of WebAssign I need to do and get notes for by tomorrow, hm), so I decided to take advantage and look up some lyrics, seriously, but then I hit a dilemma, and that was what song to choose exactly.

Lately, I’ve been listening to a ton of Andrew Bird and Sufjan Stevens, so I thought I’d either choose “Sovay,” “Tables and Chairs,” or “Come On! Feel the Illinoise!” And then I remembered “Chicago” and “A Nervous Tic Motion of the Head to the Left,” which were two songs I really loved. My parallelism is fantastic. Then I thought of the Postal Service with “We Will Become Silhouettes,” which is seemingly about the apocalypse like “Tables and Chairs.” And then “Brand New Colony” came to mind, which I’ve recently fallen in love with. And all that shit reminded me of the Arcade Fire, who always have brilliant lyrics, and the Postal Service was way too mainstream for me because to say they wrote my favourite song is to say they’re my favourite band, which isn’t true for me, and then I thought maybe nobody else would appreciate the Arcade Fire like I do. That was likely an accurate statement. I was about to choose “Haiti,” because I can understand all the French parts, and it’s a real spiritual song and close to Regine’s heart, I’d assume, but then nobody in my English class knows who Regine is. Plus, it’s a pretty violent song, and I don’t feel like I know enough about Haiti to be able to back up the violence and dead babies in the song, so the symbolism and the ghosts won’t be honoured enough. I’m just some simple Pennsylvanian chick who likes them. So the Arcade Fire brought me to Wolf Parade, and originally, I was just going to pick “I’ll Believe in Anything,” but then I thought maybe that was too generic a song, so I thought about “Grounds for Divorce.” I almost settled on that, and even began to write it down, when I noticed the controversy over lyrical accuracy, and how some parts sounded different from the lyric databases’ records. I don’t trust lyric databases, so I decided maybe to even move on to a Bright Eyes or Rilo Kiley song, and then “Sovay” came back, but I can’t back “Sovay”s historical references up, and “Tables and Chairs” is just my second-favourite Andrew Bird Song, although it hits close to the heart, and “A Nervous Tic Motion of the Head to the Left” has drug/alcohol references, and I figured that would be bad timing.

Haiti by stephengi on Flickr

So I chose “Come On! Feel the Illinoise!” because it’s catchy, lovely, and clever, but then I realized that I’ve never been to Illinois or Chicago, and even if I like Cream of Wheat a lot, I’ve never been on a ferris wheel, I don’t entirely understand the UN references, I don’t get the Columbia part (you can slap me for that), I should but don’t entirely know who Frank Lloyd Wright is, ditto with Carl Sandburg. I feel so stupid and uninformed when I listen to that song, but it makes me so happy, just to listen, especially to part deux. It would all be different if it was a city like Paris or Omaha, somewhere I’m absolutely obsessed with out of my mind, or a whole country like France or Canada, or a whole state like Nebraska, but man, I don’t know too much about Illinois. And now you know I’m going to be pissed off until I read more on Illinois and am pretty much an expert and want to go there super-badly. I’m not a city girl, though, and I’m not sure if I can fall in love with Chicago. I’ll try for Sufjan, though.

94th Floor by shutterBRI on Flickr


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haha i hear so much abt ur english teacher from people…

Comment by divya

School, after break, is a bitch. Probablly just a bitch in general, but whatever. I hate it. The January through March period is the absolute worst. And sorry, not exactly enjoying the “OHHHH IT’S SPRING TIME” weather that’s been occuring. It’s all about the one-inch snowfalls and the 3-days-off-of-school that follow!

Comment by laurrasb

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