6 January, 2007, 805 pm
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So on December 17th, I wrote that you should listen to the Intimates, and I should hope that you’ve done your homework, but what with Winter Solstice, Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanzaa, and New Year’s festivities, I should think you didn’t, especially if you quadruple dipped, mostly because it was a sidenote. Now, they appear to be dead or broken up; from what I’ve gathered, problems arose in September of 2005 while they were still doing shows, and allegedly, it had to do with their vocalist, Malory McDonald (who, like all three other girls, is a brilliant musician), and it was official by January. I doubt she got a case of the divas. I wish I had some official set-in-stone answer, like if they wrote a blog about it on their Myspace. They didn’t, though.


See, part of the appeal of the Intimates is their utter trendiness, fashionwise, of course, which would explain why TeenVogue did two spreads on them, one in April 2005 when all were 14 years old and the other in February 2006; I’d guess they were all 15 then, which would leave them today at about 16 like me. They seem to wear whatever they want, including very 70s dresses, flats, cowboy boots, colours, mixing and matching–and you can’t forget accessories, even hats and bows and pretty clips. They’re a good band to look at, and that’s what originally caught my eye, back in ’05 as a freshman when my virgin ears had never even heard of Rilo Kiley or Bright Eyes or the Arcade Fire. Their image, actually, made an imprint on my brain, and it’s what made me come back and give them a chance, a year and a half later.

Each TeenVogue article dubbed them as having a likeness to Rilo Kiley. This is true probably most especially in their style, musically and fashionably, but they lack the Blake Sennett to make them Rilo Kiley, and Malory lacks the sheer edge to her voice that Jenny Lewis gained from being an actress. Lead guitarist Tess Lecklitner does a fantastic job, but I think that for the Intimates to be more Rilo Kiley, she’d need some hot solos, which I’m confident she’s capable of. Grace Denis is the epitome of the bass girl, leering at the camera in the April 2005 spread, and I think she could take Jenny out with a few glares. As for drummer Katey Berman, I’m obsessed with her name. Well, really, all of them have really diverse names from those you’d typically find at least on the East coast (they’re in Cali), but I like Katey’s name quite a bit. Little RK, though, has way diverse percussion including bells and they’re very synthy, which isn’t percussion, but it’s a keyboard. I can see the resemblance, the essential resemblance, and I could see how the Intimates could evolve into Rilo Kiley, but they hadn’t quite reached that point when they broke up.

I hate that phrase, “broke up.”

The Intimates are far more similar to the Like, who I’ve also written about and went crazy over. They’ve got wishful, yearning lyrics and a floaty, heavenly vocalist. Personally, though, I think that although the Like have caught on and stuck a little more and more rapidly, that’s only because they’re signed to a huge label and they have fathers who are big in the music industry. They don’t have the chic appeal of the Intimates, and they don’t have the youth appeal of the Intimates; although the Like are young as well, they’re in their early 20s and not in their mid-teens. It’s just cooler that younger girls became so popular locally and then nationally by just picking up instruments instead of picking up instruments and then having parents with big $$$ to sign them to Geffen when they graduated high school. The Intimates had to work hard to get where they were when they split, and their fanbase is ever-increasing despite their end. That’s not to say that the Like didn’t have to work hard; every successful band has to work hard, especially the all-girl ones.

Ugh, I wish, though, that they would record maybe just one more song, because they’re addicting.


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i guess teen vogue did have a few redeeming qualities…?

Comment by divya

had meltdown type thing about how annoying aforementioned the selfabsorbed child on bus is, like just now. i really can’t stand any more of it. she’s all she ever talks about. i think i might have to explain the concept of modesty to her tomorrow when i’m in the car with her and her mother to go to rehearsal. honestly, i can’t stand this any more. i think i’m going to tell chandana that me and her should room with other kids on spring trip. i’d rather room with the skankiest freshie in strings than with aformentioned bus girl, at this point. i’d probably hug skanky freshman who i happen to dislike severely, if it meant that i’d never have to see/hear of/listen to/think of/otherwise encounter bus girl ever again.

Comment by divya

I KNOW I LOVE THE, SO MUCH TOO. it sucks so bad they “broke up” i relaly wish they came toghther again .. there music IS addicting and so melow and cathcy.. i want them again! lets makje a petition!

Comment by Ivana Rojas

i stumbled across their myspace a few years back by pure chance and i was instantly smitten with the band. i was pretty upset to see that they just simply stopped updating their myspace without an explaination. at least i’ve got the three free mp3s that they offered to hold me over.

Comment by kerri

i go to school with all of them except grace d. malory was in one of my class. shes pretty fly, it is too bad they broke up.

Comment by KC

I always seem to stumble upon this when I google my name, makes me miss the good old days. And hey, we might just be getting back together for a reunion show this winter. And maybe releasing a new song. But you didn’t hear it from me.

Comment by Grace Denis

My lips are sealed. But that’s exciting news (arguably the most exciting news I’ve heard in many days).

Comment by indiechouette

aww i love this! i don’t even know how i stumbled upon this-but it’s the nicest thing ever!

thanks for all of the praises! seems like a lifetime ago when all of this was happening.

and way to go grace, spoiling our plan which we have been trying to make happen for a million years hahahahh, sneaky sneaky.

Comment by Katey Berman

Anyone know where I can get the album?

Comment by Ben

I wish! I would scoop up that pretty pebble in a heartbeat.

Comment by indiechouette

katey berman is fucking hot!

Comment by heypat

the drummer is smokin’ haha

Comment by sean

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