27 December, 2006, 1056 am
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Gahd, I was grumpy last night because I had to sleep in the family room with all the good glory of Rachael, Alexa, Sean, and Shannon, all of whom were “not tired” and definitely not intent on sleeping.  I went up half a level to sleep in the room my mom was in, and finally fell asleep.  At maybe 4 am, I sneezed out the entire contents of my nose, and that almost caused Rachael to barf on the spot.  The good thing?  I’m not sick, and I didn’t throw up.  The bad thing?  Being cramped inside all day definitely isn’t my idea of fun.  I want to go to the mall.


Oh, and for now, I’m way sick of Guitar Hero II.  We’ve been playing it multiplayer nonstop for the past few days, and now, I either need some alone time with my career mode, or I just can’t play it.  This day is going to suck hxc.


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hahahahhaha poor rachael.

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