22 December, 2006, 1253 am
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Oh, I have to write this down because, well, otherwise I’ll forget, and I found this way funny.

Mmk, yesterday, Derek and I actually ventured out into the sunlight and went to the mall. So risky, you know? Well, after wandering to random stores and eating some fries, we decided to go up to EB Games because they have this Guitar Hero II game that you can play in the store.

Guitar Hero II, man, everyone wants that fucking game for Christmas. Multiplayer, man, that’s where it’s at. EB Games, not so much where it’s at. There are all these greasy-haired guys who don’t shave but need to, prepubescents, adults, and employees alike, who are normally pretty chubby (nothing wrong with chubby, but when you don’t shave either, it’s not hot) and really asanine. When we walked in, I just thought, “Oh, FUCK.” I mean, not that I could even give less of a shit about what the guys in there look like, just…I was the only girl there besides these three greasy-haired seven-year-olds playing the sample of like Barbie Horse Adventure or something. So I felt like I was being beamed down by eye cannons or something. Visually raped? Uhh.

Well, we wanted to play Guitar Hero II, so we waited for the group before us to finish their game, and we picked up the sticky guitars (it felt like someone had picked their earwax out and rubbed it on all the keys, swear to God) and played a song. Around the time we started a second song, some ding-dongs who don’t get ANY come in, see us playing, and get a little pissed off.

“Man, did you try cussing a lot?” one of them asked, and the other one said, “Shit, yeah, man.”

Now, back in the food court, while we were eating our fries, I remembered seeing this metal beast with a fuzzball, literally, of brown hair, and his chubby body was covered in a blue and black striped sweater, and he was likely wearing tight pants. He was in his 20s, probably still lives with his mom. And his friend was kind of normal-looking.

Those were the guys towering behind me (not towering over Derek, though, since he’s tall), watching me play Guitar Hero (we were playing “YYZ”) on Medium. Fuck. I wasn’t really paying attention to anything except that they were complete douchebags, plotting ways to get us to leave. What newbs. They started talking, too, about how no girls play GHII, except for one of their friends’ girlfriends (who is probably a hairball). Haha, fuck them. We probably should have been complete dicks to them and stayed for a third song, but we left, and pretty much ran out of there, because they had no perception of space, pretty much.

Gaddamn, gotta love video games, harharhar. Especially since I’m a girl with a life who doesn’t have particularly greasy hair, so I’m obviously a n00b. Plus, I can’t press the orange button yet because my hands are so small. Rarara.


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!!! CHECK IT OUTTTT. 7th hp book title=

haha sounds funnnnn.

Comment by divya

Those guys really were dicks. Half of me just wanted to get the hell out of their. The other half wanted to turn around and tell them to fuck off.

Sizzle Scarface!!!

Comment by Derek

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