22 December, 2006, 1123 pm
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Nick Covino (Nicholas Copernicus) is going to be in Lewisburg for break.  My mother uses that as an excuse that we have to visit there after or before we go to the Lehigh Valley.  Like, yeah, let’s go there and stay past the expiration date.  The kids, we can lump on the couch to do nothing, yeah, whatever, it’ll be “fun.”

I can drive better than ever before.  And I am dreading Christmas more than ever before.  The Lehigh Valley is my home.  It’s where I was born and raised, and a part of me will always be there, with the Crossroads, and Musikfest and Bethlehem Dairy and A-Treat.  It’s not even the physical being that is the Lehigh Valley; it’s everything about it that I hate and love that makes me love it even more.  Lewisburg is a vacation, or rather, it was, but to me, it’s death, even with Nick and Sean and Eric.  I can’t stand it.  Plus, I’m no longer looking for some insignificant younger man to fill a void for whatever I’m lacking.  They’re all snobby, anyways.  They go for skinny, young blonds who don’t read.  I’m…none of that, so it doesn’t matter.  I’m safe.  Everyone should know that I will be safe there and not at all coveted.  At all.

If anything, though, that makes me feel insecure.  Also because if, perchance, everyone (the adult group) gets drunk, I’ll probably get stabbed, because no man there is on my side.

Ugh, dread.  Dread at staying inside the whole time and avoiding Suzanne and JESUS, aka Jason who looks like the Messiah but is fucking annoying.  Damn.  That’ll be hard, since they’re next-door neighbours.  Eff.


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thankshu! xox

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Comment by divya

i hope you’re having fun up there because it sure as hell is boring the wits out of me down here. bah humbug. i want for school to get here so bad but i really don’t want it to at the same time. aw, forget it, i just really want spring trip to get hereeeee.

Comment by divya

merry christmas!!!

Comment by divya

bored so bored

Comment by divya

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