21 December, 2006, 739 pm
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Probably the most entertaining thing about WordPress is the feature that shows the author how readers access their blog. There’s the links one, which shows what links people clicked to get here. I get a lot from FreakyTrigger (some denomination of WordPress for real writers), where I wrote a few comments on a clever and on-target essay about indie kids. You should read the essay, definitely, but if you have a lot of time on your hands, go read the comments. I read all of them. Some people are such goddamn dumbasses.

I also get a lot of links from my Myspace and Livejournal, and my blog on Blogspot, which just has a lame greeting and a link to this page.

There’s also the feature that shows who’s linked you, which is really insignificant. I link everyone.

Last but not least, my favourite feature is the Searches one. It gives you the word-for-word searches real people have typed in to get your blog, and more importantly, clicked on your blog for because they thought it would be helpful. The searches I get! Okay. There are the porno ones, which, now I’m going to get tons of clicks from searches for porn about incest or something. I don’t really know how people get to my blog through that, anyway, unless their search engine’s on cocaine. Then there are the lyric ones. I get Del Shannon, Bright Eyes, An Angle, Rilo Kiley…most of all, though, I get searches for The Strokes’ “You Only Live Once.” Great song, but I’m not a lyric database.

There are some people who search their names or something, and my blog pops up on the first or second page of Google. This is aight; I’m not trying to hide anything. If I wrote about hating to look at you in the school hallways a month ago, I probably still feel the same way, and moreover, I probably have a damn good reason. And if I wrote about how amazingly uncharacteristic of me it was to like your song (which was amazing), then I’m probably still jammin’.

My favourite searches, though, are the REALLY weird ones. I’m not talking “Kris Anaya is fat” or “the shins balding” ones…I’m talking about the “Jenny Lewis naked” ones and the “Conor Oberst anorexic”/”what does conor oberst eat?” ones. WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU PEOPLE THINKING?!!?!? As for the Jenny Lewis one–tsk tsk! You shouldn’t be looking for photos that exploit her. She’s amazing. Have you no shame?! If you’re looking for naughty pictures, then search Paris Hilton or Shannon Elizabeth. God. Don’t do that to me.

I have nothing to say about the Conor Oberst anorexic one, because he’s probably just naturally really thin. Really small. You’ve probably seen photos of him standing with other people and girls, like the fourth of July one pf him dancing with children in Omaha (I’m guessing), and he’s just not that tall. So do you really expect him to be built or like, fat? I don’t.

And that leaves us with “what does conor oberst eat?” That’s a personal favourite. What kind of a crazed fan really gives a fucking shit what her (no guy, straight or gay, would waste his time) favourite “emo” rockstar eats? Is she entering a trivia contest? Is he her role model? Furthermore, does she really expect to find some kind of a list of all the foods Conor Oberst eats, just sitting out there on the internet? Uh, I don’t know about you, but I don’t keep track of the foods I eat on a list, much less put it online. I eat a little bit of everything (and it changes daily, just depending on circumstances), as does almost everyone. Wait a MINUTE.

(c) Conny

I found this high-quality amazing picture, real live action of Conor Oberst in the middle of Omaha writing down food that he’s eaten! It looks like there’s a half-eaten muffin on the ground! Aah! So my bad, I guess he does write down everything he eats! Ugh.

You guys are lame and way impressionable. Hah.


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haha that’s probably the interestingest thing i’ve heard about wordpress…if i got one, i’d have a blast checking out what people typed into the search box and got to my site with…

Comment by divya’s when you see a title like that you know you’re in for something fun.

Comment by iheartblackeyes

Hey, I love your blog, but I keep forgetting the title to find it again. Funnily, the only way I can find it is to type “Conor Oberst Anorexic” into google… just incase you seem to get a huge increase of those searches.. now ya know =]

Comment by =)

People are curious as to if Conor Oberst is anorexic, based on various references in some of his songs.
For example:
Laura Laurent
I’ve Been Eating (For You)
A Line Allows Progress a Circle Does Not
Neely O’Hara
Now granted, some of these songs could be about other things, such as drugs, but they still bring up questions and various points of view, because well, it’s music. Songs mean different things to different people, and no one ever knows for sure what an artist actually means.

Comment by Maria

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