13 December, 2006, 1006 pm
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This week was an upgrade.

My English paper on factory farming is done and turned in. I enjoyed writing it more than is sane. I’m especially anxious to get started on the presentation that’s due after class. I can get rather emotional when talking to masses about animal rights. That will only get me extra points. Vegan thoughts have been coursing through my mind more and more often, and now, I wish I was 20 or so, because then I’d be able to buy my own food and use my own personal vegan products. I’m still under my parents’ care, though, so I can’t.

More than anything, though, I think I’m excited about a person. And if he is cringing, I don’t blame him. I just feel like there’s so much I want to say to him, but I don’t want to dive in headfirst immediately, despite the fact that we’ve been close friends for about a year, and I feel that I’d be more justified in saying them than most couples are. I think things are a little starch-stiff right now, probably mainly because we haven’t talked in person yet about it. Yet.

Happiness (imapix on Flickr)


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Good news on the factory farming paper! You’re an excellent writer (based on your blog) so I’m not surprised you enjoyed writing a paper on something that means a lot to you.

Good luck on the presentation. I am sure you’ll do great! I’ve always found speaking in front of groups easier when I know a lot about what I’m speaking about, and you’ve obviously been reading and researching a lot.

Beautiful picture! Did you take it?

Comment by Deb

vegan=YUMMMMM. i support you on that, yo.

Comment by divya

hey the weather is freaking amazing so if you wanna go on a walk or something today, call me?

Comment by divya

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