10 December, 2006, 449 am
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I’ve been trying all day to write something to counter the negativity of my last post.  I say I cried–that was for like two minutes, and then I realized I could have a social life, and that the chances of someone getting sick in February are humongous.  I was excessively happy and laughing within five minutes, and overly friendly.

Miss Misery–finally got it at the Barnes & Noble thing for Deep Run Band, and it hasn’t let me down yet (150 pages in two daysish).  It’s just like Fight Club, only for a new generation of hipsters, indie kids, and emo kids.  I want to read Fight Club now.  I saw the movie avec Derek and loved it.  And then “Orgasmic Organic” came on, which…well, do I need to explain?

All day, I was loving on Jim Noir’s song, “Key of C.”  It was fitting forDistricts.  “Easiest to play in,” yeah, I get it.  Real cute song.  I also obsessed over the four Wolf Parade songs I have on my pod, which is really unacceptable.  I love Wolf Parade.

My dad and I went luching at Baja Fresh (my choice–grilled veggie is ah-mazing), and here, I discovered many things about Republicans.  First of all, it’s weird that my parents are Republicans because when you think of Republican (or when I think of Republican), you think of some stuck-up, rich stickler for the rules who’s perfect, conservative, and narrow-minded.    My parents kind of aren’t stuck-up, rich, or too conservative (though, when it comes to some political issues, yes…we are Catholic).  I feel like I can’t tell them my stances on certain issues because I’ll be condemned or laughed at or something.  That I fully support gay rights is pretty much blasphemy to them.  Except that my mom likes to watch “Queer Eye,” and my dad’s just against marriage.

During the election of 2000, I remember Kate Comey and I were “staunch” 10-year-old Republicans, and Amber and Erin were “hxc” 10-year-old Democrats.  What the Hell, you know?  Kate and Amber were more the hardest-core ones, and Erin and I were the ones who kept them from ripping out each other’s hair.  Cronies, sort of.  I didn’t even know the difference, though; I didn’t give a shit about the environment…my parents claimed allegiance to that party, though, so they must be right.  Right?

During the battle, though, Mrs. Cross, our teacher, gave us like a mini-quiz of I guess campaign sides, and we had to choose ones we sided with.  I ended up siding with more Democratic opinions, and I thought it was weird because I mean–hello?  My parents were Republicans; wasn’t I supposed to be one, too?

How I got here, I have no clue.  I’m thankful, though, that I turned out this way, at least my mindset.



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lol. te amooooooo.

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