9 December, 2006, 1130 pm
Filed under: Music, School

Way lame.  I get to the warmup room, and it’s all good.  I just can’t play low notes.

I get into the audition room, and I tell the proctor whatever to tell the judge that I can’t play certain low notes.  Out of generosity, they let me skip my chromatic–and plunged right into E flat.   E flat, though, came out as an F.  I was fucking screwed because it was like a nightmare.  They asked for D next–no problem–but D, E, and F sharp all came out as F.  Fucking shit.  Same with the upper octave.  I did sightreading with my maimed instrument and then streamed out of the room terrified.  What the fuck?

I cried, but not because I’d played badly–it was because I COULD play those scales on a fixed, working oboe.  No problem.  I wasn’t even shaking; I was pissed off.  I’m fine now.  It was a worst-case scenario.  I either got last chair or first alternate (there were nine of us and only eight get in).  Oh well, you know?  I thought I had no chance of not getting in (freshmen and even juniors and seniors on Jones and LaVoz reeds?!?!  WTF?!?), and then something like this plagues my life.  The irony.  Fuck that shit, though.  I know all my scales.


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