7 December, 2006, 330 am
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I could have saved that bird, but I didn’t know who to go to or what to do.  I just cried, and the only one who noticed was Sara, and I appreciated her motherly comforting.  Thanks, other douchebags.  Now I’m hostile towards certain members of my Driver’s Ed class.

I think I’m going to keep kicking myself for quite a long time, though, for not getting help or doing anything myself.  I mean, his leg was broken.  His face was in the grass, and he couldn’t fly.  He was probably cold, starving, and dying.  I should have at least given him some of my lunch, or water in a bottlecap…


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I’ve been there, and it sucks. I wasn’t able to save the bird (a pelican) the 2nd time either, but at least then I tried. Don’t fault yourself for being paralyzed by not knowing – i think that is normal. but just in case, it is worth it to find out who you could have called, and who you should contact in the future if you ever happen across a similar situation.

i’d start with a vet – see if they deal with wild animals on an emergency basis, or which vets in the area do. and hopefully they can point you towards a wildlife rescue group, if you can’t find info on one online.

I was out for a run about a month ago, and ended up coming across a baby mole. It was completely unprotected, unable to take care of itself. (it sat in my hand and would actually climb back on if i put it down) I was able to get a friend on the phone, he looked up info for me, and I was able to bring the baby mole to a place that could rehabilitate and release.

I was pretty freaked out at first, had no idea what I should do. I was just lucky in that I had people to call who could give me advice and look up info for me. It pays to carry the numbers of the rescue groups, just in case, because you never know when you’ll need it.

So anyway, that’s my story and my advice. Chances are there is nothing that could have been done for that poor bird, other than make him or her comfortable, but it just feels better to try. Knowledge is the only difference between action and inaction in many cases. Ignore the people who don’t care enough to try. You’re awesome for caring.

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