3 December, 2006, 1055 pm
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I enjoyed the conscious hours I had with E-Dawg and Marty this weekend. We went to Paige’s and made pumpkin muffins (they were even shaped like pumpkins), and then ate them hot while we watched Friends. I have to admit that despite Emo Game, I like that show. It’s so nineties, but not annoyingly so.

I liked being able to just share our recent life stories in Marty’s room, laying down in our beds or, in E-Dawg’s case, a cocoon of blankets. I realize that I’ve missed a lot–Jeffrey is a permanent part of the crew (I knew he was kind of part of it, but I didn’t realize how essential he was until this weekend), but the crew has kind of split down the middle, now even more so than ever. I think of our half of the crew as the old reliables, or the chill, easy-going group, whereas the other half is more drama-oriented and easily changeable. In our half, you don’t have to fight for a status; you prove yourself as an individual, free-thinking human being once, and you’re in it until you let someone down, or until you die (or after), kind of. In the other half, you have to do something outrageous to gain points or cred. And if you don’t do anything for a while, your cred goes down. Like, you could have negative points if you didn’t do something crazy for a week.

More than anything, I realize how much has been going on with me. I’m closer to my sister, I have a constant posse of men to chill with, but it’s all drama-free. The only drama in my life is Lewisburg, and that’s family-related drama. I should write a song about it. Not really, since I haven’t been very poetic lately. I’ve only been writing bulky blogs and cumbersome short stories, the latest of which will fail me in Chemistry but which I could turn into a book (not worth you reading), worth at least a few chapters.

E-Dawg could own at the Scholastic writing competition, by the way, should she choose to enter it, because the best pieces come from the heart. “Write what you know.” Then again, there can be pain in admission sometimes.

Oh, divorce/moving. It doesn’t seem like my parents are really progressing with that, because the arguments always end in my dad having five strikes, or my mom not wanting to talk. She continues to paint the house, though. We won’t be ready by January, though, I don’t think. Maybe February. That’s good news as far as I’m concerned.

Probably the most stupid development in my life lately is Runescape. Confession: I’ve played for over a year. It’s a poor-quality RPG, but since levelling up doesn’t really require any skill whatsoever on the player’s part, I guess it’s fun. Ish. I’m really lame, though, about it (and filthy rich). My username comes from my Motion City Soundtrack days (xmcsisradx), and it’s stupid, almost like the time Sean realized that the last two letters of his first name and the first two letters of his last name spelled “anal.” I wish you could change your username. Really. You can tell I’m an intermediate level (45, much?), too, because I wouldn’t care if it didn’t matter. I’d just start a newer, cooler account.

On a far cooler note, I love


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It’s really not cool that you guys are moving, and I’ve told her that many times. For one thing, the pit will be different without a female [or maybe just my view of the pit- it will be weird–weird, because it’s different {notice how I refused to say ‘front ensemble’}. And your sis is brilliant at guard now;; we can’t afford to lose another person with actual talent on the guard!
Keep writing when you move.

Comment by Laura

I noticed I said ‘her’ instead of ‘your sister. heh, woops.

Comment by Laura


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