30 November, 2006, 949 pm
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An intensely close friend of mine was arrested.  I don’t know why.  I’m confused.  I’m maybe a little scared, not of him, but for him, definitely.  I’m worried and…stressed would be a good word.  The most frightening thing is being left in the dark about it all.  I don’t even know what happened, but I know he’s a good kid, so it must be a mistake, or maybe something situational.  Wrong place, wrong time.  And he must be terrified and more insecure than ever.  I feel bad for not knowing anything, and maybe for not being the one he confided in.  I was the one he confided in, but more of a psychiatrist than anything, I think.  I just want to talk to him, not for my satisfaction, but maybe to calm him down because I know that’s what he needs.

I can’t dwell on this, though, even though I am, and my stomach churns every time I think about it.  I had a good day.  Lots of history participation, shortened playing in band, nothing to do in chem, and an oral quiz in French, which went surprisingly well.

Oh, by the way, I want to sex the Arcade Fire.  I’ve decided that they kick Andrew Bird out of the tied three favourite bands spot.  I’ve always been in love with them; they are irreplacable.  French (actually Canadian, but they sing some French), indie, and a sort of 1930s-reminiscent nostalgic sound (even though you weren’t there, you feel like you were supposed to be) would describe them.  Whenever I’m listening to one of their songs (minus Haiti), I feel like I’m supposed to be under the stars at night at a small bonfire, just looking up, and there are no lights except the fire and the stars, and everyone’s getting ready to go to sleep.  Yes, we will sleep outside.  Yes, Win Butler and his beloved Regine will protect us from monsters, bears, and rapists.  And cannibalism.  Listening to one Arcade Fire song prompts another.  When you’ve listened to them all in that marvelous chain reaction that is an album, you can go back and listen to another, because they’re that symphonic, emotional, and amazing.  It’s okay to listen to the same song twice or five times in a row because it brings back a different emotion within a huge umbrella of like emotions each time.

Those who will protect us at our bonfire.

A lot of people, upon hearing my music, tell me that the song starts out sounding epic, and then a voice comes in and it’s kind of frightening because the voices aren’t those you’d typically consider being cut out for singing.  Jenny Lewis (Chandra and Leigh Watson), Matt Costa, and Ben Gibbard are the only singers that are “cut out” for that.  Otherwise, I like scratchy, imperfect, eerie voices that crack and waver.  Especially the drunk-like tones of Wolf Parade.  I love it.  They don’t give a shit if they sound like shit, but they know they don’t.  And I don’t give a shit if people think my music sounds like shit because I like it.


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that’s why i asked you if you were okay on thursday after we got off the bus. i didn’t know if you knew but one of you two’s other friends was crazy upset over it (i would be too) and told me not to tell anyone and i didn’t know if i should have told you or if that friend would tell you. i’m worried for the poor kid too.

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