30 November, 2006, 549 am
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Let’s talk politics, okay? I’ve been in a political mindset lately; I can decide my stance on issues in a heartbeat, or, okay, a few minutes. This year, history is enjoyable because we have debates, and good old Dunavant (he’s not really old) encourages us to think and to have opinions. I’ve always had opinons, but nobody asked, so I didn’t share. He asks, though, and expects us to care, so I get to share. I can’t understand the people who have no stances on anything, or no social causes that they’re advocates of. This is how much becoming vegetarian has changed my life–I’m more politically aware and involved, and certainly more passionate towards people and for debates. I have that one cause that I would go to the end of the world to argue for. Because of the research papers and people’s indecisiveness, I’m starting to realize how much meaning my life has opposed to theirs, and how unaware my peers are. I’m not talking freshmen or sophomores–I’m talking kids who should start applying for scholarships soon. Kids who are going to start taking SATs in the spring and applying to colleges shortly thereafter. Juniors. Juniors who are not passionate about anything.

My English class also annoys me a lot as a whole. Not everyone. Just some individuals. There’s one kid who seems to have a better sense of the world and more of a knack for politics and current events (and maybe history, too), and most everyone has to go and rain on his parade of opinons and the exposure of the truth.

I’d always assumed that teenagers were more rebellious and liberal; most of my friends approve of gay rights, animal rights, et cetera–or they have up until this year. There are some who still don’t know about factory farming, and that’s probably in part because I shelter them–I don’t want them to be hurt by the government that’s already hurting them by placing a thin veil over everything that is factory farming, as well as a bunch of other conspiracies infringing on our rights. I know it would mess up their whole style of thinking, and they’d likely be defensive and angry at first, although after considering the concept, there is nothing to defend unless you’re heartless or economically blinded. Animal rights is one of those causes that is best left up to those who will stumble upon the answers on their own.

Well, it turns out most kids these days aren’t as liberal as me, and I’m not even an extremist. I just want equality, mostly. A lot of kids in these parts are surprisingly conservative. They don’t use “gay/ghey” as a play-around word meaning lame (which they shouldn’t do anyway); they use it as a derogatory word and actually go out of their way to poke fun at gay people. They don’t want to go veg because there’s “no harm” in meat because it’s so socially acceptable. They are okay with war because they don’t know the implications of it–there’s little impact on everyday American citizens, so obviously it’s not as bad as, say, WWII. There aren’t casualties–but war is brutal; you’re killing people, even if it is for a “cause.”

For the words “population control” to touch their pristine ears is blasphemy. Why would someone want to limit the number of children individuals are allowed to have? I mean, the population is only at 7 billion (and rising). It’s not like there are more babies born every day. That’s so…communist (even though, in reality, there are tons of children waiting to be adopted around the world–including here in America). And people are paranoid of communism, even today. It’s condemned, even though we’re entitled to think and speak and write as we want. McCarthy much?

Not that I agree with communism, per se. I don’t think American-born diehards who have never been out of the country can really even begin to appreciate what it has to offer. The most appreciative are likely those who have immigrated here from less free countries. That’s why I want to travel the world, partially. I feel bad sometimes for not being appreciative, or for not having real reason to appreciate home.

I want to see Fast Food Nation with whoever’s willing.


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