27 November, 2006, 532 am
Filed under: Barrels of Fun, School

Miss Misery

God says I should read this book, pronto.  I read a few pages at Barnes & Noble today, and he mentioned Rilo Kiley on the first page.  I learned that “The Good That Won’t Come Out” is creative constipation.  I’m in love.

As for real life, I’m so confused, it hurts.  I wish I had a reset button.  I want good hair and good clothes and good self esteem so I can figure things out.  Today, I laughed too much.  I talked too much.  I felt like a donkey.  I felt…awkward.

But tomorrow, it’s back to school and back to not talking and sitting in new seats in Math Analysis, not next to the asians.  I think the kid I currently sit next to will at least be slightly sympathetic.  I know his music.  I wear Chucks.  That’s two things in common.  Cool.


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who be these azns in your math class anyway?

Comment by divya

hey. i just wanted to say that i saw your myspace bulliten and i read this blog of yours a lot. you’re an excellent writer and you listen to some sweeeeet music. and i’m sorry you’re confused, though i dont quite know what about. and yeah, i have serious self-esteem issues too so you’re not alone there.

sorry if this was a really awkward, creepy comment but yeah. bye!

Comment by Allison C.

You’ll always find mercy in those who wear the Chucks. Except for those preps who try to adapt the fad-STUPIDITY WASNT MEANT FOR SUCH A COMFORTABLE SHOE! I got your comment on my blog, and I saw your seemed down [im sorry, I’m not aquainted with Rio Kiley] and I don’t mean for this to be off topic, but I did see your mom tonight and I could help but saying [know you probablly hear this 24/7, I know I do] you have a lot of the same facial features! just thought that was cool.

P.S. Chris got a Tomagotchi in the 3rd grade, and it died within 2 days or so. Hope you have better luck! And I’ll be commenting more often..I do reas, your writing is entertaining

Comment by Laura

what was the driver’s ed hw? on bushman’s site it says that we have the module 7 test…is that what metzger told you guys? call me plz.

Comment by divya

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