25 November, 2006, 614 pm
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There’s another one

Once upon a time there were four girls. Young women, you might even say. And though their lives traveled in different directions, they loved each other very much.
Once upon a time before that, these same girls found a pair of pants, wise and magical, and named them the Traveling Pants.

The Pants had the magic of teaching these girls how to be apart. They taught them how to be four people instead of one person. How to be together no matter where they were. How to love themselves as much as they loved each other. And on a practical level, the Pants had the magic of fitting all four of them, which is hard to believe but true, especially considering only one of them (the blonde) was built like a supermodel.

Okay. Full disclosure. I am one of these girls. I wear these Pants. I have these friends. I know this magic.

I am in fact the blonde, though I was kidding about the supermodel part.
But anyway, as it happens with most kinds of magic, these Pants did their job a little too well. And the girls, being extraordinary girls (if you don’t mind my saying so), learned their lesson a little too well.

And so when the girls’ lives changed that final summer, the Pants, being wise, had to change too.

And that is how this tale of sisterhood began, but did not end.

Yes, I read the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series.  I’m a girl.  People may refer to me as a manly girl (although I’d hardly call myself manly…I’m short, weak, and I shave my legs and armpits), but there are some things that define being a girl, and one of them is reading lovely sappy books.  For some girls, that would be shoju manga (heheh).  For others, that would be Mitch Albom books (heheh).  There are even some who read the Princess Diaries or Bridget Jones (heheheheh).  And then there’s the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, an essential series for girls this day and age.  Oh, and there are some people who have read all of the above.  Can’t forget about them.

Just, there are books that are interesting that make you learn something new about pop culture or the world or maybe even yourself, and then there are the books that relay the familiar and make you feel so good inside that when it’s over, there’s a burning nostalgia left that you can’t compensate for.  And the best thing about these books is that there are four very different girls…so different that you can relate to each of them in some way, but everyone has her favourite, and there isn’t just one utterly outstanding character.  For me, my favourite is Tibby.  I guess it’s because I can relate, a lot, minus her escapades in the last book.

Divya and I should throw a party for this book.  This entry, by the way, was curtosey of Divya.


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i knew you’d be pleased at the news too :) i think i’m gonna read all three other books in order to prepare for the final one’s release. it’s gonna rockkkk. and yes, a party would be schpektakulurrrrr. (i’m so excited i forgot how to spell. jk.) i think my favorite is either bee or lena…bee because she’s intense and lena because she’s weird. lol.

Comment by divya

Ahaha… I read at least two out of those three, thank you so very much. Among other things. =3 Like. TTYL. Oooo! You should read that. It’s effing amazing, it really is, dear. I promise.

Comment by lavenderparadox

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