20 November, 2006, 136 am
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My dad has been working for almost 24 hours. He went to work from 8-8 yesterday (8 pm to 8 am), which turned into 8-1230, then came home and got right on the phone for a conference call. He’s been on that since 1, I guess (it took him time to get home from work), and now it’s 430 almost 5. That is 21 hours, mister. He pretty much looks half-dead.

This is stunting, because my madre is not home, and so I was unable to do anything all weekend. I would have ridden my bike to the mall today, but Rachael didn’t feel like going there. So. Fuck that.

I would also call people and just talk, but my dad’s on the phone. The cellular is under Rachael’s care. Rachael’s actually getting dressed up for youth group.

I’m a Confirmation drop-out. How Catholic of me. It’s because I couldn’t get a sponsor who would come down three times a year to get me confirmed. Shit.

I watched some shit show on the History channel about USOs. It was…creepy. They speculated on some craft that was shaped like a lightbulb. For a while, I thought they were just really frustrated and said, “crap,” a lot. Then I realized, “Oh. Craft.”

God, this weekend was le suck. I wish I’d gone to Pennsylvania and not to the playoffs. We didn’t even get third quarter break. Eff.


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my weekend sucked quite a bit too. next time if that happens and you can’t go anywhere and you can’t call anyone, walk down to my house and even if i can’t go anywhere i’ll most likely be able to walk around the neighborhood freezing my butt off with you. man, that sucks for your dad though…24 hours of straight work…i’d die. btw i quit my job, idk if i told you. it usurped too much of my hw time. yehhhh.

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