19 November, 2006, 1256 am
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My dad got this sweet Ghirardelli mocha mix from his boss.  Three packets–a chocolate and two white chocolates.  He gave me and Rachael the white ones.

I haven’t had plain milk in two years.  I eat dry cereal, dry ramen, and lame macaroni.  I thought, “Hey!  I drink coffee a lot, and I eat ice cream on occasion.  I’ll be okay.”  In fact, I didn’t even think that.  I just read the packet, and it said to mix with warm milk.  So I grabbed the milk out of the fridge thinking, “Ew, milk, I hate milk…I should go vegan,” and poured it in this huge bowl and threw it in the microwave.  I drank the whole mug of mocha.  And it was good, despite the fact that I find milk revolting.  I looked beyond that.  It was fucking good and expensive.  I enjoyed it.

I wasn’t even finished with the mug when I felt my stomach rumbling in discontent, and then my intestines and my throat.  And now, it feels like my stomach is a jug of milk because I guess I can’t handle it anymore.  I’m in absolute pain.

And that teaches you…fuck milk.

P.S.  I found out a place where you can get shirts like Derek’s (I saw one of his shirts on there, but I’m not sure if he got that shirt there…in fact, I think that one was featured at Urban Outfitters…hmm…), even for chicas.  Like this one (so cool).  LOOK AT IT.



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aw i’m sorry about your stomach. i would suggest soymilk bcuz it doesn’t taste bad microwaved or anything (i’ve tried it with oatmeal before. it’s actually pretty good.) but idk if you like soymilk or not. i’ll experiment today using vanilla soymilk for hot chocolate for you and let you know tomorrow at lunch. i hope you feel better! xxx

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