18 November, 2006, 635 pm
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F.U.C.K.  I just realized that’s “Recently Played Tracks” updates itself automatically.  Fuck that shit.

I talked to Lizzypoo today (cousin Liz, 16 almost 17, BCFEAEAE), actually like ten minutes ago, and she says that Granddad’s birthday party in Bethlehem is jumping like a Mexican jumping bean, and you know what that means.  It’s hot.  My mom was laughing like a psychopath on the phone.  Rachael’s at the mall right now with her guard jacket on, thus, she’s cold.  My dad has to work tonight.  Derek just called to get a name for his video game character, and apparently Tim was watching or something, since I could hear his voice, too.  I think my ping pong’s name was Lloyd or something, but I don’t remember.

Last year is so far away.

OH, by the way, I’m in love with a man named Andrew Bird.  I actually couldn’t care less what he looks like; he makes me appreciate xylophone, and you have to love a man who does that.  His looks do help, though.  Dark hair, eyes, this isn’t the best picture of him, but I like it.

the love of my life (psych)

You wonder how I stumbled upon his brilliance.  I tell you that WordPress was the general root.  I looked on my dashboard (something I rarely do) and saw the words, “All Things Go.”  I am a Soofy addict.  Okay, I don’t listen to him as often as I should/could, but I do listen to him a lot.  I was a Chicago addict for the longest time.  I should have gone into rehab.  That’s half the reason why I wanted to see “Little Miss Sunshine”–the music.  It was right after I’d had an indie revelation.

Being this self-declared Soofy addict, at nine forty-five in the morning, I clicked on this link.  It brought me to the world I’d been looking for for months on end.  I bookmarked it on sight.

“All Things Go” was, in fact, influenced by Soofy.  They had articles galore about indie music…and the best part was that they had written them on their own.  No borrowing.  Originality is the key.  I also noticed that a recent entry was titled “All Things Go Hip-Hop Mixtape.”  I thought two things: “Hip-hop” and “Mixtape.”  I love mixtapes.  I’ve never gotten one, but the idea is nice.  My sister’s gotten a few, and the best thing is that if you don’t like the song, skip it!  And you’ll probably like the next one.  They’re also very personalized.  For months, I’d wanted to expand my horizons to hip-hop music that I, as an indie fanatic, would love.  And I was starting to think it didn’t exist, but lo and behold!  Here was the Messiah, “All Things Go.”

I assumed naturally that I’d have to redownload Limewire to get the songs (damn), and I’d been clean of Limewire for a few months.  But the tracks were right there for me to “Save Target As…”  Then I worried that maybe I wouldn’t like the songs, and, okay, I’m not a full-fledged hardcore hip-hop kid (is that terminology correct??), but I did pretty much fall in love with Dizzee Rascal on the spot.  Well, one song, “Fix Up, Look Sharp.”  His accent is hot.  I just like the feel of the song.

I also noticed the entry “Some New Music” (on November 13, they update frequently!), and that’s where I found Andrew Bird.  I downloaded all the songs, natch, and listened, but Andrew just stuck around.  And my life stopped temporarily.  And then it started up again quickly, and I was dizzy all day.  Literally, I keep feeling like I’m going to fall over or something, but I’m perfectly awake.

Andrew Bird, though, is an incredibly talented violinist, a professional whistler, and a big user of the glockenschpiel and xylophone (much like Sufjan Stevens aka Soofy, he’s quite the Renaissance man).  He writes his own music and he sings his own songs, and sometimes he plays in his socks.  I was smitten when I first heard the beginning of “Tables and Chairs.”  I felt like my room got warmer and sunnier.  He has that effect.  He’s one of my top four all-time favourites, which are J-Lewis (Rilo Kiley, with Watson Twins), Bright Eyes, and the Arcade Fire.  Just like that.  I’ve been listening to him for mere hours…he makes me feel happy and complete, like I can have picnics every day.  I could have a picnic with one of his albums in and be very content by the end.  Very content.

I also greedily thought that I should keep “All Things Go” to myself for a few weeks, as well as Andrew Bird, but that’s it–I just can’t.  I couldn’t.  This was an enlightening moment.  It won’t go away tomorrow or next week.  I’m really dizzy.  Just listen to one song.  He’s hooked me.

Andrew Bird | Case in Point
Andrew Bird | Tables and Chairs
Andrew Bird | A Nervous Tic Motion of the Head to the Left


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violinist???????? where?????????

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