17 November, 2006, 812 am
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This day is sixties day. Upon looking for a new song for my MySpace, I found Pitchfork Media’s summary of “The 200 Greatest Songs of the 1960s.” Well, I was looking for a 70s song for my space, but I figured I would probably be a little familiar with the Temptations and such…no…it was like reliving my childhood.

First, let me explain my choice of song. I settled for France Gall after searching the pages for some mod chicks; they normally have okay songs (not Twiggy–she sucked as a singer). Francoise Hardy was okay. Same with Brigitte Bardot. It only helped that their songs were in French; I love French. But France Gall’s song was very loungey and catchy. So I listened to it about ten times and then dubbed it my new song. The weird thing? She’s a crappy singer, she’s not in tune, and she’s very sing-song and childlike. Why not like her, though? It’s James Bond, baby. “Laisse Tomber Les Filles.” Okay, she’s singing about crying about a boy who she wants to drop the girls…but it’s a fucking catchy tune without being annoying.

Upon my searches of the pages of this ultimate 60s music refresher, I found the Byrds (“Turn, Turn, Turn” among others), Del Shannon (“Run Around Sue”), Bobby Darin (“Beyond the Sea”)…I did not manage to find the song whose keyboard run is perpetually stuck in my head reminding me of a kaliedoscope, and I gan never figure out what song it is. I’m pretty positive that’s 60s.

Anyway, my account probably looks really queer with all those 60s icons mixed in, including some of my Motown favourites. Yes, I’m an early Motown fan. RahRahRah. Lap it up.

sarcastiquement's Profile Page

Regarding the game tomorrow, I’m pretty stoked to make it count for something. I want to hang out with my band friends for the last time, and I want this to be fun. I like football games but I hate football.

I wrote a short story yesterday, and you can find it here, although I’d recommend that if you read it, you should take caution and not read anything else on that account for your own benefit. It’s piles and piles of crap. The story itself is vague and I promise that it’s not autobiographical. In fact, the girl character, aside from having knocky knees and writing too much (and some of her insecurities), isn’t like me much at all. She’s bubbly and kinda hyper. I’m too mellowed out. I drew from my own experiences to write it, obviously. It’s not great and it’s very stereotypical, but I’m proud of it. Proud enough to include it on here.

I feel very bored with my life these days. I keep seeing the same people, the same places, the same foods…I do the same thing pretty much every day. I listen to some new things, but are they really new? No. I need some variety. I wish Emeril could come over and kick it up a notch or something lame like that. I need some drama or a haircut or a new friend. I need all of the above, actually. Maybe some hair dye? I like my hair colour, though. I try to get people to not take me seriously, but they just think I’m really odd when I do that when, in fact, I’m acting more like myself. It’s stunting my growth as a person. The only class that’s not doing this to me is Extended Study, and that’s because we make dumb jokes all class long and talk about RPS-101. Then we get into music, and that’s always an interesting argument. It’s the Pillows versus whatever band I can pull out of my sleeve, which is a lot. The Pillows, by the way, are basically an anime band. Bwahaha. They’re probably good.


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