16 November, 2006, 733 am
Filed under: Music, School

Wow.  Let’s summarize today.

Driver’s Ed
-Sara got a nosebleed; let’s broadcast it

Math Analysis
-I get logarithmic functions because I lack the ability to overanalyze math
-C!!!  I’m so happy.  When have I ever said I was proud of having a C?

-Fuck.  Packet due tomorrow.  Ugh.
-How are some people bad at nomenclature?!
-I like the seating arrangements because everyone around me is nice

-Kicked Tim’s backpack about five times ninja-style
-Told Jordan about interest
-Jordan’s eyes bugged out of his head and he laughed

Extended Study
-There is a guy in there with my tastes in music
-He was in my second grade class; I’ll let him figure that out on his own
-Lame RPS-101…NUKE!  and TURNIP!
-Gay jokes, innuendo, me being impressionable

-Group projects; my group is pleasant but we’re kind of repressed
-C. Fuller should tell you something

-Crazy driver says bus will be 20 minutes late from now on
-AKA we will be 20+ minutes late to school from now on
-I wish I could drive

-Dark + evil
-Hair = bad
-Cats = actually not present

-Perpetually on her cellular with Lewisburg

This drives me crazy.  I’m sorry to break the simplicity, but it flusters me that she doesn’t even inquire about our needs or our feelings anymore.  To you, she’s the coolest mom ever, and you wish she was your mom.  She’s lenient if you have good grades and a clean room but most especially if you dress like her and listen to Q-94.  And you can share her clothes.  Perfect, right?  Just ask Rachael; she’s not, and it’s annoying how childish she acts to gain friendships and then she’ll use the “I’m the Parent” card every time we try to tell her off on it.  And she pretends she’s offended when someone says she’s too skinny.  After sixteen years living with this woman, I don’t understand how that’s such an insult.  It hurts to be called fat because that’s always been frowned upon.  It’s fine to be skinny because that’s what everyone sees as the ideal.  And if you’re average by the doctors’ standards, then you’re overweight by everyone else’s.  I hate it.  You can have my mom.  I’m sick of it.

Just wait, tomorrow, I’ll feel guilty for writing this.  Again, rule number one of my blog:  Do not sympathize.  I want feedback, not weepy offers to help me out.

In other news, I am in love with “We Will Become Silhouettes” ever since yesterday, when I watched the video and saw Jenny Lewis sitting there plain as day with a cheap keyboard in her lap.  The video is amazing, and the song is super without the video; it sparks ideas and creativity.  The Postal Service one.  The Shins one isn’t bad, but it lacks Jenny.  I should just dedicate this whole fucking site to Jenny Lewis.  I’m only partly kidding.


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your day sounds more preferable to me than my own. much more preferable. thanks for reminding me about the bus thing, i need to inform my parents so they can drive me from now on- there’s no way in hell i’m going to school that late just because the bus driver can’t be here on time.

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