15 November, 2006, 529 am
Filed under: Music

That Jenny Lewis show will haunt me for the rest of my life; I swear to God, Jesus is hanging it in my face like, “HAH your dad ‘forgot’ to get the tickets, so you couldn’t see this most epic show that’s now downloadable on NPR.”  I’m pissed off.  I could have seen her and heard this genuine epicness, including her unreleased songs and covers, but no.  I stayed home, went to the Armenian festival the day before, and moped like a LAMF.  It was the perfect Jenny Lewis opportunity, and now I have to wait for her next album release (if there is one!!!) and her next tour, which will be in years, or else until I’m 18 and can drive me, Erika, and Gil and other Jenny fans down to the closest concert–or to OMAHA.

Jenny and the lovely Watson twins at a bigger show

This is the recording of the concert we would have gone to at the 930 Club in D.C.  If you really want it, the right-click and “Save Target As…”  And let me tell you, it’s an amazing show.  The crowd is silent and they cheer at the right points.  Jenny sounds great.  The set list is perfect (although I think they could have done some Rilo Kiley tunes to jazz it up a little–but still, it’s gerrate).  You can hear her counting off faintly, and it’s just perfect.  I wish I could see it.  It sounds like something I definitely missed out on.  “Happy” is chilling and sexy.  I’m in love with “Fernando.”  It’s dirty and adventurous.  More adventurous.

Gosh.  Jenny Lewis is so cute (platonic), and the Watson twins are so memorable and perfect…I am grieving.

“Jack” is kinda weird, but…uh, soulful.  “Born Secular” is fantastic; that was one of my favourites on the album anyway, but live (or on a live recording that I should have gone to), it’s very powerful.  “Rabbit Fur Coat,” too.  It was amazing.  Just like on the album.  Solo.

“Acid Tongue” is heartwrenching and true.  It speaks to me directly.  Probably one of my favourites is “Sunday,” because one of the Watson twins’ voices kept cracking (twice!) when they tried to do it, so they started over.  The way the crowd “Ooooh”ed and laughed at the humour and innuendo and ownage in that short, sweet song was inspiring.  It was just the way I pictured the concert to be.

Except that we weren’t there.


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