14 November, 2006, 649 am
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For some reason or another, today I was both incurably cold and incurably depressed.  This isn’t to be attributed to any boy or any realization; it was just my mood today.  I’m healthier than normal and I weigh less than usual.  The strange thing?  I don’t care.  I’ve always obsessed over my weight and my looks, ever since I was thirteen, but when I stop caring, I’m at my best.  I guess it’s because I’m focused on other things, so I’m healthier?

I wish I did not have hazel eyes.  I’d give anything to have plain brown eyes or even blue eyes.  I adore hazel eyes in guys (I also adore blue and brown and green and grey eyes in guys), but I hate them on myself.  I see them as a reflection of my soul, which would be impure.  Or maybe you could consider hazel as a plethora of colours.  Or dirty.  Or deceiving, because one moment they’re brown and the next minute they’re hazel.  With mine, you can only tell they’re hazel if you’re close-up or if I’m in the sunlight.  That might mean that you can only really get to know my true personality if you’re close to me, or if you make me happy.  Come on, though…that’s applicable to pretty much everyone.

Also, do you ever hear guys raving about chicks with hazel eyes?  “Man, I love girls with hazel eyes.”  No.  You hear about brown eyes and blue eyes a lot…mostly blue, but brown is pretty pure, too.  There are songs about them both.  The only hazel-eyed song I’ve ever heard was a Kelly Clarkson one, and it was about her.  Go figure.  It was also lame.

Conor Oberst has hazel eyes.  They are doe-like.  Jenny Lewis does not have hazel eyes.


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Good news and ironic/cruel news.

Good news: Found amazing Jenny Fansite:

Ironic/Cruel news:
They have the show we would’ve attended recorded and downloadable. I will download it at home, and mourn yet again.

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