12 November, 2006, 354 am
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Rachael was hoarding the Sims 2 CD.  I am going to revisit my Sims.  I’m excited.  I make amazing Sims…our account name on the website is rcdancinqt013–because Rachael hogged it and figured Alexa and I didn’t count for shit.  Mine are the good ones.  They have Saddle Creek shirts and hot hair.

I fancy someone I possibly shouldn’t.  I’m paranoid and insecure, especially what with Jordan (completely platonic mutual friend and brother of a friend) says about age differences and how he would never date a girl who was older than him because people would “talk.”  I resent that; then again, he (Jordan) probably is best when he’s playing on his own field unopposed, whereas some people can’t even play in their own field.  Translation:  That’s possibly just his opinon.

I probably only don’t play in my own field because junior boys suck (they’re all the same…) and because most people already mistake me for a freshman or a sophomore because of my height and my friends.  Cool, but whatever.

Plus, to guys, I’m just the second-best girl friend (high five, let me ask you for advice on how to charm my girl crush) because I’m so hard to get to know and so hard to break through to that most people just give up right when they’re making progress.  This saddens me.  I’m reserved.  I wish I was outgoing.

I want this:

sweet, in the cute sense.

By the way, Britt Daniel is coolie.  This is not a recent revelation, but instead a confession.  Not a confession.  An admission that you knew was coming.

Britt Daniel knittinggg.


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aaaaaaaaaaaaaah check urban outfitters’ website, they have BEAUTIFULLLLLLLLL new shoes in. too bad they’re crazy expensive, in my opinion. ehh.
you’re right, junior boys do suck.

Comment by divya

I WISH I WAS OUTGOING TOO!!!!!!! instead i get shy and sit around and don’t do anything and then i get mad when i feel hurt and then i don’t know what to do and then i retreat into homework and books and it works for a week or two and then i can’t take it anymore and i ask myself WHAT DO I DO? but i still don’t know.

Comment by divya

hey um… isn’t Britt Daniel the lead of Spoon? Or i’m mixing up names here…

I tried Islands, but i still like The U’ns better…more pizzazz.

I had 1000000 opportunities to go see the ‘Lands.

Yes , abbreviations of indie bands is the cool thing on da block right now.

Comment by 'nas

Thank You

Comment by Alex

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