6 November, 2006, 1000 pm
Filed under: Music

First things first…Sandy West…we miss you, girl.  Sandy was in the Runaways, but she died recently, at the end of October after a long battle with lung cancer.  She was a badass drummer who could keep a beat, even as a teenager.  And she was a “hot piece of ass.”  Maybe/definitely not in the same way as Cherie Currie or Joan Jett, but definitely hot nonetheless.  Kim Fowley suckssss.

Sandy looks dandy.

I feel like doing something different today.

I hate not being in a relationship.

I hate feeling tomboy-esque.

I hate assumptions.

I hate respect.

Oh, lordy, I hate respect more than you’d know.  I hate giving respect, and I hate people respecting me.  Maybe more certain types of respect.  The kind of friend respect that’s expected in all friendships is alright.  Adult “granted” respect is not alright (you have to earn it, bitch).  Preventive respect is definitely not alright.  I certainly respect my friends, and I look up to them, but at the same time they look up to me, so I guess it’s not really looking up; we’re about level with one another.  Or because I’m likely the shortest, I really do quite literally look up to them.

What I think of certain respect.

Preventive respect is sort of like setting out a compensation boundary.  It’s sort of like saying, “I know you think I’m really cool, and I think you’re alright, but I don’t really care to hang out with you, so I’ll just set this line here on the ground and I promise I won’t cross it.”

fuck.  lines.

No man has ever ventured to put his arm around my shoulder or offer me a coat when I’m fucking cold because all guys sure I’ll break their balls if they venture to make anything resembling a move (which, I’m not Joan Jett).  And one took the chance recently, but he’s an asshole and I didn’t do anything about it because he was bolder than anyone else had ever been as of yet.  What can I say?  I’m lonely.

oh so very lonely

They also seem to think that if they show that they think I’m weak or feminine by offering me a hand, then I’ll kick them or something, or play with their minds.  Maybe they don’t even see me as a girl, which I don’t know why that would happen except for the fact that I listen to their music, or some of it.  Please don’t mock me on that one.

I’ve also noticed that the small girls get the attention easier.  Definitely the more feminine ones, which is plausible, but it makes me upset because I’m not a stereotype of a girl (I don’t try not to be; it comes naturally to me), and that’s all anyone ever looks for these days.  Which is the number one reason that moving would be alright.

BY THE BY: Totally Awesome is TOTALLY AWESOME; you need to see it NOW.  I’m totally buying it.


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