4 November, 2006, 1012 pm
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Yesterday, me and my pigeon-toes did a lot of running/marching. I lost some weight from it, and the pulled muscles actually feel good because it was something I did rather voluntarily. Everyone seemed to enjoy making fun of my running, which is n00b-like, and I’m fine with that as long as you say it to my face, not behind my back. Because I know what I look like, and I have to live with it, so why not laugh about it? It is funny.


Homecoming is today, though, and I hope it will be fun, and I hope I will look good, but more than anything, j’espere que la boum ne va pas etre ennuyeuse. I’m sorry for the lack of accent marks.

Well, I have to go eat/paint nails/make calls about dinner and such, but I will try to write tonight.


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you’re gonna look really really awesome cause you are really really awesome. i just hope i don’t look weird cuz i’m wearing a zebra printed dress.

Comment by divya

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