3 November, 2006, 602 am
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Go here; granted, you can’t view it at school, but it’s fucking funny.  This is what I’ve been telling you about.

Now, more than ever, I wish I lived in the 70s and was one of the Runaways (like the bass player).  I’m not kidding, except for the Kim Fowley part; he’s fucking creepy.


I hate shopping with my mom, generally.  Some guy at Abercrombie (we were there for my madre) asked if I went to Trinity, to which I obviously replied no, and so apparently there is a lookalike…and I’m afraid it might just be Emily J.  I hope to God it’s not her; I was like some sort of a yo-yo to her; she could push me away and pull me back as she liked.  Finally, we got in a fight and I never spoke to her again.  She used to wear the same outfit two days in a row consistently, anyway.  And she was catty as fuck.

Generally, I feel bad because while I seemed to think that people like David Bowie and even Morrissey were really well-known (don’t forget the Smiths!  And the Velvet Underground!), apparently, I am one of the few souls whose life revolves around their music and around people influenced by their music.  I start talking about how Rilo Kiley covered “After Hours” okay, and they’re like, “WTF is this strange ‘After Hours’ you speak of?”  Or the Velvet Underground–two words about music, and people are fucking stumped.  “Andy Warhol–what?”  He managed them.  I mean…banana on their album “The Velvet Underground & Nico.”  “What are you talking about?”  You know that shirt Ashley wore in the “Got Milk” ad?  “OH the one with the banana on it?!”  Yes.  That banana was an Andy Warhol creation.  “What’s so special about that–it’s a motherfucking banana?”  Well, it’s on the cover of a Velvet Underground album.  “So?”  Nevermind.  And here’s your fucking picture of the Olsen twins.

velvet underground shirt

So I guess late October is Breakfast Club Month, and a lot of people have told me lately that I look like the Basket Case, aka Allison Reynolds.  I take this as a compliment because in “How Soon is Never?” by Marc Spitz, Joe Green had a crush on her at one point, although he had this huge aversion to the stereotypes of the movie and to the use of a Smiths song.  I mean, we are alike and she was my favourite character because of this.  We both have short, wavy dark brown hair and we like to wear our dark clothes and winter jackets and Chucks, which is a fucking lot to have in common.  And there’s Pixie Stix and Cap’n Crunch, although I’ve never put them in a sandwich or together.  It’s very much like cocaine, which I guess can be useful and tasty.  Pixie Stix, not cocaine.

basket case

Then again, Basket Case; is that supposed to be an insult?  Yes.  But I’ll take it as a compliment that people compare us.  My mom says I look like Camilla Belle, but…no.  Don’t see it, sorry.


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oh dear. not emily j. *shiver*

Comment by alexis

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