31 October, 2006, 829 pm
Filed under: Barrels of Fun, Music, School

Today is the opposite of fun.  I know I should never procrastinate, even and especially when I have a month to do something, but somehow I do it every time and I never learn.  I want to have fun.  God, I don’t even remember this morning; the hours flew by miserably.  And I was awake, oddly enough.  But then on the bus, I started to fall asleep all of a sudden.  And history was the longest class I’ve ever been in, and more painful.  Normally history is my favourite because Mr. Dunavant said “BYAH” the other day.  Actually, he wasn’t doing the Dave Chappelle thing; he was doing the Howard Dean one.  Still, though, it woke me up a little, even if nobody else got it because they don’t have intrugiung freshmen like Tim and insane sophomores like Frankie screaming, “BYAH!” for their lives.

Speaking of which, as exciting as the game was for the student section–out on a Monday night until late because their parents let them because it was a school event, and then going into overtime and putting off homework…that’s all good fun for the student section, that’s doing all this out of their own free will, but think about the motherfucking band for once.  I thought I was going to die and/or fail Chemistry if we stayed in that goddamn stadium one minute longer, which was after the students rushed the field and most had already left.  If only it wasn’t a Monday.  I’m going to miss band competitions like crazy, though, even if they did mean lack of quality time with my lady-friends.

I feel like passing out on purpose.  And Abigail Williams is haunting me.


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well you know what i have to say about abigail williams? “it is a WHORE!”

btw. rawrrawrrawr i agree abt that whole kiss thing. i bet when i’m 30 i still won’t have had my first kiss. dear freaking god.

Comment by divya

hey i hope the tb shot didn’t hurt too bad.
i didn’t know if you left before or after they said this, but juniors and seniors are wearing all black tomorrow (sophomores and freshmen are wearing all blue). just thought i’d let you know before you wore red or something (that’s what happened to me the last time they organized this sort of thing) OH WAIT there’s a pep rally. whatever, just felt like telling you.

Comment by divya

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