31 October, 2006, 742 am
Filed under: Barrels of Fun, School




chemistry projects that are due tomorrow and expected to be fucking amazing.




Moment of sorrow:  I’m exactly 5’3″ and I’ve stopped growing.  This means that I’m under average height.

Moment of pride:  I’m average weight and this is an accomplishment, seeing as in eighth grade I weighed more, and proportionately to my age, I was pretty chubby.  Now to aim for malnutrition.

Sidenote:  Boys confuse me a hella lot (I know they confuse other girls, as well…and this is only because we overanalyze.  If a boy makes out with your face, he was either on a dare, or he thinks you’re bangin’.  If a boy holds your hand, he is either bored, or he cares.  If a boy kicks you, he is either trying to flirt with you in a really trite, immature manner, or he really fucking hates you and you’d better run while you have the chance.), but they should not.  I know that “I’m confused” is a trite statement.  Nobody can help with it.  It’s something that will be solved on its own.  But I suppose I’m considering between pursuing a two-week long lust-filled relationship and not pursuing this and pushing some asshole away…so I need someone’s blunt opinion, other than Connor’s.  Who says that someday, I will be raped on the bus and immediately thereafter tell him, “Well…I didn’t know how to tell him to stop…?”  At which point, he’ll kill me.



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