27 October, 2006, 448 am
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R.I.P.  Pistachio

Finally escaped yesterday; who knew that would be his last smart move?

I hope that doesn’t happen to my Louie.  Then again, hamsters are such escape maniacs that they really don’t have time to enjoy anything; rats are a lot more laid-back and kind.  I was going to say “thankful,” but…a caged life isn’t something I’d be thankful for.  I resent the idea of keeping rodents as pets because they’re born to be free and not imprisoned.

Let’s rally for freedom.

By the way, I’ll never be able to go near the vents downstairs again.  I’m afraid some zombie hamster will come out, kill me, and get revenge on Alexa.


I have to go in to Mrs. Merchant’s room frequently during Extended Study for extra help in Math Analysis.  It’s disappointing that this is the first class where I can’t understand things on my own.  Gra.  And in Chem (college prep), I either feel like Steven Hawking or like Marilyn vos Savant.  I can’t tell, not yet.  It’s not Mrs. Davis’ fault; she’s bubbly and interesting, but the kids in that class just don’t care.  Am I the only one who cares?  Ha, yeah.

Regarding oboe…it’s sad that I’m veering away from it a LOT, but I’ve made the decision that all I want to do is write.  Is there anything wrong with that?  I should hope not.  I mean, it is my dream, and I shouldn’t let things interfere with it, no matter how much I’m supposed to enjoy them.  Hopefully lessons will make things less regretted.


I need something to write about, something to think about, something to dwell on, someone to dwell on, something to talk about, and someone to talk to.  I know you’re listening, but what I mean is that I need some new flavour to taste at the moment.  And if you are, per se, a new flavour, then speak up.  I need someone to brighten my day, even on days like today, when I look and feel like complete crap.  Don’t deny it; today was a bad-looking day for me.  Except my jeans.  I love Levi’s.


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awwwwwwwwwwh poor hamster. :(

hey, i’m not denying anything, and i honestly thought you looked prettyful today.

Comment by divya


Comment by divya

bah. you and me need to get together some time. i hardly get to see you anymore :( even though we have the same lunch. okay, that’s it, i’m parking next to you for a while because though you’re like a foot away, i still don’t quite conversate as much as i would like to.

Comment by divya

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