26 October, 2006, 958 pm
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I’ve decided that if I ever put myself on music deprivation again, I will die.  Band, homework, bed at ten, and it’s really all been a blur without a good soundtrack, aside from hip-hop jams.  I need to get the url for that video and post it; it just shows some creepy old man’s dancing skillz, and he kind of has a tongue sticking out perpetually, and erect eyeballs.  Yes, erect eyeballs.  And yes, he’s topheavy, but maybe that’s because he’s wearing three layers on top?!  And he has stick legs.  Well, you’ll see.  It’s great.

Watch.  When I finally put the video up, you’ll be so completely tired of me talking about it that you’ll probably chop my stick legs off with an axe.

Speaking of legs, today during band, which was like recess, Emily tied my legs up so I wouldn’t be able to walk.  It was pretty effective (not really).  She’d make a great kidnapper.  God, today was a good day.  In every class, so far.  Including history, which was…well, haha.  I’ll explain later.  Promise.


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