24 October, 2006, 1009 pm
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I thought my toes would freeze off.  Thus, I need to start wearing socks.  I don’t know why I always skip over the socks.  They’re not essential.  You can’t even tell I’m not wearing socks, so what does it matter?  My shoes don’t smell bad, nor do my feet, ever.  I am blessed with pretty feet.  Soft feet.  Small feet, six and a half.  Band camp ruined my heels, though.  I’m scarred and self-conscious.  Isn’t that weird?  I think it’s crazy, especially considering that I still don’t wear socks.

My eyes hurt like mothers.  Maybe I shouldn’t sleep with my contacts in?

OH.  For the record, because Sara, Pauline, and I spoke about this at lunch today, avec Prachi, I am:
-Pro-gay marriage
-Anti-abortion outside of the first trimester (because of rape and underage decisions)
-Pro-animal rights

I can’t think of anything else to write that I’m pro or against, but you can just ask me.

A little while ago, probably a month ago, it really annoyed me that PETA was so outrageous.  I’m not sure why; I guess it’s just because of their urging everyone to do this and do that and shoving opinions in people’s faces.  Personally, I’m really passive.  That’s partially why I write; you can find out my opinons by asking me or by reading what I’ve already written, but I won’t go out and scratch at a scab to make the blood pour out.  It’s not right.  I suppose lobbyists sort of have to do that, though.  But their requirements and then all the bad things you hear about them…they would make anyone doubt their justification.

Plus, I thought, why would people throw themselves out there and do crazy things and be assholes to people who eat meat?  We have to coexist, and we have to cooperate.  It’s just life on Earth.  Come on.  Fur is something that I take for granted that everyone has deemed unnecessary; it’s killing animals in vanity.  For no reason at all.  Every time you wash that leather jacket, you’re throwing a cow or an ostrich in the washer.  Gross, right?  Wool, too, I’ve been a little wary of.  Granted, they don’t have to kill a sheep to get wool, but there’s so much wool floating around now…do you think they let the sheep roam around la-dee-dah and get a trim when they feel like it?  No.  It’s brutal.  Shears…I mean, come on.  They’re pretty much weapons disguised as hair trimmers.  Be realistic.

My point is, though, that PETA’s not as ridiculous as you might think.  Animals have rights; they just can’t easily argue with humans about them and speak up to us.  We may have “dominion” over all animals, but we’re also entitled to treat them as we’d like to be treated, with respect, like family.  If you don’t think so, then you try living in a factory farm and see how you like it.  Try being a cow hooked up to one of those machines for milk.  It’s not pleasant.  Try living in the Iams lab.  Yeah, really humane.  We have a responsibility that we’re not living up to.  And the people who are arguing for animal rights aren’t crazy; they’re just passionate about true equality.


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agreed, 100%. but guess what’s 7% angora rabbit fur, and i just now found out when i was taking it off? my sweater that i got yesterday. i’m so pissed. i asked my mom if she wants it and she said no. and i don’t want to wear it now. i mean it’s a really comfy sweater so i was like wth is this made of, it’s so comfy- and then it turned out to be part bunny. i want to cry. call me?

Comment by divya

Nice post!

A little while ago, probably a month ago, it really annoyed me that PETA was so outrageous. I’m not sure why; I guess it’s just because of their urging everyone to do this and do that and shoving opinions in people’s faces…

Animal Rights groups have some very strong rational arguments to motivate them into thinking that the way we currently treat animals is ethically intolerable. Once you have rational reasons for such a belief you’re well within your rights, perhaps even obligated, to urge people into changing their behavior. Now, don’t get me wrong, I doubt simply yelling “murderer!” at a meat-eater is going to be particularly helpful, but I also doubt that the idea they shouldn’t even be confronted about the issue, in any way, is one I can see being rationally defensible. Simply pointing out the suffering and death someone’s lifestyle choices cause is hardly and example of just “being an asshole”.

Take care!


Comment by Ed

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