22 October, 2006, 804 am
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is a language I think everyone should be required to take.  I use it a lot, and some people don’t seem to understand that tension, shoulders pointed away, and even feet pointed away mean je ne t’adore pas, aka I don’t love you/want to be near you at the moment.

I also think that some people don’t realize boundaries…I can take a joke, like being made fun of because I do weird t-rex esque arm motions, or because I do “BYAH!” in a higher voice, or even because I run awkwardly.  But when you start to joke about things like my weight (not height–weight), it’s honestly not funny anymore.  It’s crossed into the domain of the eating disorder.  Not really, because I could never be anorexic or bulimic, but it is a touchy subject for me.  It should tell you something when I say I weigh less than I did in the eighth grade.  Also that I’d probably weigh a lot more than I do if I hadn’t followed certain advice.

Okay, yes, it is funny (hilarious, laugh-out-loud kind of humour) when you joke about me eating my dollar’s worth of cookies on the bus and spit dribbling down my face because I’m rabid, but no, it’s not funny when you jokingly call me fat.  Not even jokingly, or even sarcastically, which I’d normally recognize, appreciate, and take as an offbeat compliment.

Aah fuck late Saturday nights spent at school-sponsored activities.


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god, i know, if body language is there, why doesn’t everybody notice it? i take it into account most of the time. can i beat up whoever said that to you though? you aren’t fat at all.

Comment by divya

With studies showing that only 7% of communication is actually transported by the words spoken and 55% by Body Language we should really learn much more about what our gestures, postures or eye movements are telling.

Comment by Thomas

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