18 October, 2006, 833 pm
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Let me just throw out there that some of the searches that bring people to this blog are just outrageous.  “What does Conor Oberst eat?”  He eats unicorns–WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK HE EATS?!

We took PSATs today.  I am not worried.  Junior year, yeah, I know I can’t just coast by with my cushiony GPA like I have for the past two years, but PSATs are a breeze.  My freshman year, I scored in the top ten percentile in the county.  No big, but I’m not worried.  I don’t know what happened sophomore year, but I got a 174(0), which is above the average of 147(0).  Cool.  I know more words now, though, and I’m focused.  I think I should take the actual SATs at the end of this school year.  I’m ready.

So I think that since it’s October 18th, it’s safe to talk about Jenny Lewis rabidly again.  E-Dawg and I were talking about doing covers to Rilo Kiley songs.  The original spark for this was Gillllllll (I’m so funny), and then it branched out from there.  Gil learned some guitar parts, I’d already learned some bell parts, and Erika is possibly the most talented singer out there, at least to Gil and me.  Especially when she uses the hand motions she and I choreographed separately, but subconsciously together.

All this talk about Jenny Lewis, though…what about Conor Oberst?  See, Jenny is universal and amicable.  You like her “just because.”  And you can’t hate her.  Conor is the opposite.  You hate him “just because.”  Probably “just because” you’ve heard of him, or one of your friends used him as the butt of a joke.  Really clever of you.  Maybe you’ve heard his voice and you didn’t like him so you made fun of him.  Maybe you just can’t handle him.  What?  Did I just type that, seriously?  Oh!  Yeah, I did. He’s an intense whirlwind of emotion and intensity; the right amount of attractiveness intellectually, vocally, and visually to keep you coming back.  Maybe not for guys but then again, there are some as straight as a french fry (not Arby’s curly fry) who like him that way.  And then there are some curly fries that like him, too.  My metaphors are right on.

Back to Jenny versus Conor.  Yes, this is Jenny versus Conor.  Really, you can’t compare the two; Conor is the Father Wind and Jenny is the Mother Sea.  You can’t tame them.  They’re uncontrollable and amazing.  And everyone has their own opinion, but this is mine.  Arguably, some people have not heard Jenny Lewis’ graceful voice yet.  She may not be Imogen Heap or Metric.  I know she doesn’t perform and record songs on the spot using technology.  I know she does not look like Uma Thurman.  However, perhaps to me and E-Dawg, her lyrics are dead-on; they hit the nail on the head, and they describe feelings we have as growing girls.  Regarding relationships, regarding our insecurities, regarding family and feelings in general.  It’s amazing.  Conor Oberst can do that for guys, and he is the one musician I hold nearest and dearest to my heart, considering his poetry is, to me, more reverable than Jenny’s.

But Jenny writes how I think.  She’s softer and maybe a little more predictable, but that can be a good thing; it’s a sweet thing because she tells stories in her songs.  She uses names and places.  Conor uses names, too, but his are more mysterious.  You honestly have no idea who these girls are (Kathy, Amy, Laura, most recognizably, plus Lila and Emily) or if Padraic really was, and he talks about his brother, but you’re not sure if that is Matt Oberst or some fictional character.  There’s a blurred line between fiction and reality, and that’s sometimes the best way to tell stories.  You can get the point across better situationally or hypothetically. 


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