18 October, 2006, 157 am
Filed under: School

Let me sum up today thus far. My mom decided that since she had to work today and Rachael and I didn’t have band, she would wake up the rest of the house. So at 6:30, she came into my room and demanded her blush brush. When she found out I didn’t have it, she gave Rachael a ten-minute, full-volume lecture. I slept for ten more minutes (I don’t have to get up until 7:45 or 7:30) and woke up again to her egging my dad on for more money. So he eventually became the yeller, which was then passed on to me and Rachael. As gracious as we were for a Tuesday off, we didn’t feel like getting up at normal times. She finally left at about 7:15. I vaguely remember my dad telling me that my cousin, Erin, would be happy to let me stay with her a little so we could tour college campuses in Philly (Philadelphia for non-northerners). Which would be awesome, since Erin and I could chow on vegetarian cuisine and talk about books and travel, and life in general.

Well, schoolwise, let’s go through my odd day classes.

First block is Honours US History. I like history. It’s interesting uncovering why the world is the way we are today, and learning tidbits about why we use certain expressions, and the McCarthy era is crazy. I can’t believe it was allowed to happen. We haven’t gotten there yet, at least not in history. Today, we played a game about pretty much everything we’ve learned up to Adams’ presidency. Adams was a furball, in my opinion. Sounds soft and fluffy if you’re a newb, but if you know what it really is, it’s kind of unpleasant. We were divided into three groups to play Jeopardy. I can fend for myself, but not when I’m in the group of mentally incapable. We had four guys with good intentions, nice guys who were probably just apprehensive about answering, and then me, and then about four popular dicks. One girl, three guys. I wanted to reach back and snatch their eyeballs out of their heads. All four of them. This one particular douchebag was getting pissed off at the nice guys in our group because they never buzzed in, or they never knew the answers, and he didn’t like me because I got them right every time. What a hypocrite. We lost because of him, though. So…n00b.

In band, third block, I’m not even going to go there. Except that I’m looking to the future, and classical music isn’t in it. I mainly just wanted to point out that no matter what everyone says, some people really are anal about the way other people talk, and their intelligence, and their style. I’ve never not been friends with someone because of the clothes on their back, or because their IQ was lacking in areas. That just means they compensate for it in some other area.


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