13 October, 2006, 640 am
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Well.  He did.  And that pirate, according to my cousin Thomas, is Uncle Leo.

I cried, yes.  Funerals are bittersweet; it is death, yes, but you get to see all your family in a sort of reunion, and for the dead, it’s possibly the only place where all your loved ones are gathered together.  It’s horrible that Christmases and Thanksgivings and birthdays aren’t all that important, but that death has to be present in order for a family or a community to come together.  Sad, yes, but also true.

I love Metric.  I love The Arcade Fire even more.

She so looks like Uma.

aaaarcade fire

For me, The Arcade Fire was love at first listen.  I was looking on Amazon for bands like Bright Eyes based on albums other people had bought, and “Funeral” kept popping up, so I clicked and sampled, and collapsed on the spot, forevermore a fan of the Montreal-based indie group.  They’re like 1930s chic.  I have this dress that makes me feel all Arcade Fire-esque.  Aah.  I love it.  I will wear it on October 30th?  Halloween?  I forget; whatever day I’m presenting my Chem project.  It’s cute, though.  Twenty bucks.  DELIA’S.  I have shoes like that too from Payless.  I’m pretty rad.

Um.  Cute.

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you are pretty rad. i love that dress!!!!!!!

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