4 October, 2006, 201 pm
Filed under: School

Quick post.  During extended study because I have some time on my hands, and no English homework that I never do.  AKA SAT Online.  Which is worth like, a fucking lot of money, but it’s free, of course, for the rich kids.  I’m so unnecessarily bitter…

I like this WordPress revolution.  I found out about it from ElleGirl in like July, what with GuavaMaffiosa being a feature, and she didn’t have to be overly cautious; she just wrote what she wanted, uploaded random pictures, and crazy-ass MP3s.  Later on, of course, Motorrrju helped me out, but for a start, it was just me and Guava.  Well, and like millions of other people, teenaged girls and sad/obese/lonely fifty-seven-year-old men alike.  I read some blogs by sad/obese/lonely fifty-seven y/os and, well, when they’re sarcastic and they don’t talk to me about being a stupid sixteen-year-old or about hot shit, they’re actually pretty good.

OH and since Halloween is coming up, I need to link you kids to my favourite site referring to Halloween candy.  Halloween is honestly the best holiday ever, no competition, because of candy, scariness, nighttime, costumes, and, well, everything.  Fall holiday, duh, and Thanksgiving isn’t you know, rotten fun.  But this…fucking shit, it’s blocked at school, but read the whole thing when you get home.  It’s hilarious.  You might wet your pants or accidentally I don’t know…stub your toe?  But it always puts me in a good mood.  Ever since Fall 2005.  And I’ve matured considerably, so that’s some accurate business.

By the way, damn, I posted the wrong song for I think “Spectacular Views” last entry; the song you’re listening to is “The Execution of All Things,” which is also by Rilo Kiley and also spectacular.  So enjoy it and maybe when I get home today I’ll have time to upload the write one and I’ll post it in a post.  Wait, what am I talking about?  Of course I’ll have time after school!  I do every day except Monday and Friday.  But seriously, I’m going hardcore swinging with Prachinator and Alexa at NFES for some autumn quality time today after school.  So…watch out, because it might be real intense when I get back.

And if it’s not intense, then I’m NOT sorry.  Writing during school + Listening to “The One” by the Like = the equivalent of me a few hours after after drinking Mountain Dew on a Friday night…


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