4 October, 2006, 839 pm
Filed under: Music, School

I love getting Driver’s Ed homework and then telling my mom about it hours before it’s due so she freaks on me and we have to go driving at night.  Honestly.  I’m getting behind in that class because I see it as less important than French, as well as Math Analysis, which just goes way too fast.  I even pay attention.  Too much remembering.  It’s intense, and thus far, I’ve learned nothing.  And band, which…Mr. Ransome is honestly taking this seriously, which is really queer.  I’m sorry that my life is band and I’m failing that class, God damn?!  Um, yeah.  It’s the most time-consuming thing I’ve ever done, even more than French was last year, and apparently that counts for nothing.  For the record, I spent every free second studying French last year, pretty literally; E-Dawg and I went ahead in the book when the class went too slow.  And also for the record, I am listening to Bob Marley right now.

So Prachi’s theme song for me was “Your Heart Is An Empty Room” by Death Cab–she chose a song at random from my iPod.  She also told me to write about it in depth, analyzing.  I think I’ll do that, even though that’s not my official theme song for today.  Long live Ben Gibbard.

Death Cab always sings about love and being the best boyfriend, and their song is soft, so I think of them as romance personified.  It really makes sense, though.  Ben Gibbard sings about the apples of his eye so directly, referring to them as “you” or “love;” never “she” or “her” or the most cringeworthy–“baby.”  He never describes people or appearances, either, when it comes to his love.  It’s always memories or experiences, as in “I Will Follow You Into The Dark” or “We Looked Like Giants” or “Passenger Seat.”  Everything’s down-to-earth and human, and most of all, ideal and moody.  Atmospheric is a good word.  You’re in a void when you’re listening to Death Cab For Cutie or The Postal Service.  A happy void, with a little bit of melancholy, but happy nonetheless.

Really, though, my song of the day was “In Particular” by Blonde Redhead.  I listened to it on the bus today, and all day long, it played back in my head.  Especially when I got stuck on problems in Chemistry because my calculator’s battery was dead.  Also when I walked from class to class, or whenever I got/gave weird looks.  On the bus ride home, I listened to it, hoping to rid myself of the pleasant insanity that is “In Particular,” but it only engrained the whole song deeper into my brain.  It’s like a scar now.  It makes me feel dizzy.


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