3 October, 2006, 306 am
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Yesterday, I never did get dressed. Today, I got dressed, but barely had a reason to. I think that before band, I’m going to pick some flowers for my room. I don’t think we should ever have practice on student holidays. He makes it seem like we have no lives and no friends outside of band; we will all grow up to be musicians. And some of us will, but I won’t. I want socialization and food festivals and couch-sitting and Scene Pump and fun stuff. Pretty stupid how I miss out on so much because of willingly wasting my time on something my heart’s not into anymore.

metaphor for band, but more beautiful

It’s a gorgeous day today, though. Perfect, really. Last night before I fell asleep, I looked out my window and I saw stars, even through the obnoxious globe of light that is Scene Pump. I could make out constellations from the comfort of my bed. I’ve never been able to do that before. It was just a clear, beautiful night. So I fell asleep happy, thinking about how infinitesimal the world is, and yet…even in all its flaws and unimportance (universally speaking), it’s ours and is therefore gorgeous and the epitome of life and of importance. Even with the cruelty and pollution and destruction, it’s still beautiful. Beautiful destruction. People can appreciate the smallest things with their eyes in the worst of situations, and that’s why I love details so much. That’s why I love to be thorough and to analyze things. Details are truly universal. A speck of dust, the dried ugly pink nail polish on my desk, the tear in the screen of my window…it’s all symbolic. I’m in a camera mood. It’s a beautiful day with just the right lighting; I could honestly take a picture of anything if I had the proper knowledge of photography. My fingernail. A Ziploc container top on the floor. The view from my window. Everything is significant.

By the way, credit goes to Alex for uploading the “Spanish Fire” and Pirates videos, whereas it goes to Chase for snappily uploading the “Pursuit of Happiness” video (which allegedly might not work).

About fall. Today is very much about mellowly happy songs. It’s about perfection today, or especially in seeing perfection through flaws, perhaps rather than in seeing perfection in flaws.


I don’t think I’ve mentioned that Snow Patrol butchered “You Will. You?Will. You? Will. You?Will.” Well, for the record, they did. I know that maybe Neil Young fans hate it when Conor covers him; I know that maybe Velvet Underground fans were upset when Rilo Kiley covered them…but Conor Oberst is an entirely different…his songs tell stories, and they’re more personal…Jason Mraz was one thing, trying to reach out from a jazz-pop genre to grasp emotional indie rock, but Snow Patrol indie pop trying to cover folk-tinged indie…it just doesn’t work. He’s got the yodeling voice goin’ on. Like, “What the fuck, we’re not in Switzerland? This is folk!” I don’t know. That’s what it sounded like to me, anyway.


But really, despite my bias against them for their horrible cover of a great song, I like a few of their songs. “Chasing Cars.” “Chocolate.” “You’re All I Have.” Um, that’s all. They’re up-and-coming, and they’re, well, pleasant. Like a demented Coldplay. Heh heh.

“Chasing Cars,” though, was my mood on the bus ride home today, when I was awake and energetic and alive. Which, mind you, is rare, because fluorescent lights take a toll on my immune system and on my morale.

Oh, but what I was originally going to write about today had nothing to do with Snow Patrol or “Chasing Cars,” although since my mood today was “Chasing Cars,” I’ll probably put up a download.

Snow Patrol – Chasing Cars

No, well…I was looking up Rilo Kiley lyrics yesterday, I think to write a MySpace bulletin; I like to double-check myself. I think for “My Slumbering Heart.” I found out that I had the lyrics right, but when it came to the end of the song, where that sing-songy little girl (aka Jenny Lewis playing a young girl) sang, I wanted to find the lyrics, but every site I searched lacked the ending. I was a little confused–the end of that song and of two other songs didn’t match the beginning, and the lyrics never showed up in lyric searches. So I decided to search the beginning of the end lyrics for that particular song. “Mom she cried about money and time and how she felt older and I didn’t understand much. She left. I stayed. My dad played in the bar…” And what I found basically made my spine tingle with glee and…mystery.


“So Long” begins the epic, about the little girl’s father moving out to Alaska and sending postcards of ice sculptures aka the landscape. She talks about the long days and nights and the snow in the summer. The story continues at the end of “My Slumbering Heart,” of course, where the little girl’s mother is upset about growing old, and so she leaves the little girl with her father, who looked small and Eskimo-esque. And the girl imagines a gorgeous mural of the Arctic sea with “people that seemed nicer than me.” And I think it has to do with America abusing the land reserves for the animals in order to get oil at the mention of “the disappearing ground.” Either that or global warming, but the first is more likely. Our epic ends at the close of “Spectacular Views,” when the girl’s father takes her ice skating to compensate for not being around much, and “there was a boy who wanted to skate with me; he held my hand.” And she saw the mural she’d envisioned, and her dad was there, and everything was perfect. “And That’s How I Choose To Remember It.” That’s the song…at the end of three of the most spectacular tracks on a spiffy album.

Rilo Kiley – So Long
Rilo Kiley – My Slumbering Heart
Rilo Kiley – Spectacular Views

Your music library is now complete. You’re welcome for making your life better.

Speaking of which, today, on our half day, all I did was eat salt & vinegar chips in loneliness and Pirate’s Booty, which…while I was looking for pictures of Jenny Lewis, I stumbled upon this interesting piece…


IRONIC!!! I’m so stoked. 7+7, almost 6.5 + 6.5. EEK. I can barely contain myself.


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wow, major irony…that’s actually pretty sweet…yeahhh.

Comment by divya

butchered is the wrong word, i’d say. it’s different, and it’s far from perfection/bright eyes worthiness, but it’s listenable. except for the random country-ish, slightly folksy riffs the other guitarist is playing, i think it’s pretty okay.
but i guess to each their own.

Comment by joshuaxjosh

When dad moved out to a frozen land
The TV was jumping and it didn’t quite feel right
The cards they came with pictures of frozen lights
and giant frozen sculptures
So big right beside him
carved out of snow
We traveled all night
The clouds fooled us into seeing snow
As far as we could see
but it was summer and the sun came up
and never went down for two whole weeks

My mom she cried about money and time
and how she felt older
I didn’t understand much
She left and I stayed
My dad played in the bar
I wondered if I looked like him
He was small evevn with boots on
He looked like an Eskimo
and we were in Alaska
In the airport I had seen or imagined a mural of an arctic scene
with seals and people that seemed nicer than me
where they smoked and talked about the dissapearing ground

My dad was nice and seemed sorry for not being around
He left work early and took me to a skating rink
Where all of the kids in the world could have been
I was scared and tall with skates on
and my favorite jeans
There was a boy who wanted to skate with me
He held my hand
and we went around
More times I counted
By a mural of an Arctic scene
I was looking at my feet because
It was perfect and the air was clean
My dad was there
It was summer’s last eve
and that’s how I choose to remember it


Comment by Edawg

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