29 September, 2006, 255 am
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As October draws closer and closer, life just seems to get better and better.  Never in the, “Oh my gawd boyfriend lolololzzz,” sense, but more in the sense that life’s just good.  I always think, “Well, it would be better if [fill in the blank].”  If I was skinnier.  If I wasn’t sick.  If I had a love interest.  If I didn’t feel so gross and tasteless at school.  (If I was Jenny Lewis…??)  Things like that.  Lame, and somewhat superficial.  Honestly, though…I’ve got stellar grades, teachers I can relate to, and a good work ethic; as they used to say at Moody, we were “self-motivated.”  As far as everything else goes, I have a date with E-Dawg and Jenny Lewis (and maybe my dad?) in October, I’ve been meat-free for almost a year, and French is just amazing.  I live for a reason or two, and I’m determined again, now that I have some attainable goals that aren’t man-related (not that I’ve ever had any attainable goals that were man-related).  Possibly the only bad thing that’s happening is divorce, but that’s a half-full, half-empty thing.  The only bad thing I can think of is the possibility of moving to Pennsylvania (or worse–Lewisburg) and having to readjust during my junior year (and learning PA geography and my dad keeping the Druik game board).  Even that wouldn’t be too bad because I’d be used to rigorous programs like IB and, well, honours…I’d miss my friends, though, immensely.  BUT that’s not happening immediately, so let’s not talk about it, please.

Moving on...

I’ve been looking for a good free mp3 host ever since I read GuavaMaffiosa, which was one of the blogs that inspired me to write a blog (unfortunately, Guava has taken a permanent hiatus from it, but it’s still a great read).  Guava would put crazy downloadable mp3s in her blogs, and I just thought that was the coolest, most convenient thing ever, since I can’t put a blog jukebox on here; invasion of privacy.  So you could download and listen on your own free time, and whenever you wanted after that (Right Click, Save Target As…duh).  Well, somehow, I stumbled upon this thing called MediaMax…it’s kinda slow, but it so works.

Speaking of which, I like The Like.  Now, I haven’t heard too much of them yet, but they’re this mellow but overpowering indie pop girl band–three girls: Z, Tennessee, and Charlotte.  I’d presume they’re all really young, because they look it, and their ages apparently add up to be 53.  That’s what their site says.

J'aime The Like.

“Where did I find them?” you might ask.  They’ve been in magazines from TeenVogue to ElleGirl, but normally I ignore the music sections because I normally use Amazon (what other people bought that sounds like my favourite bands) as opposed to silly teen girl magazines that approve of Hawthorne Heights.  By the way, the next time you get the chance, tell me how to turn off “Overtype Mode.”  As in typing that deletes other typing.  Thanks.

Back to my purpose…ACOS, JMAN’s Tamagotchi’s namesake had one of their songs on her MySpace and I liked The Like in that very instant that I heard them.  It was nice, and pretty spectacular.  They were mellow, and they weren’t overly commanding like Bratmobile or airing on the too-soft side like Azure Ray sometimes.  They had rocking guitars (maybe a little predictable? but that’s not too bad; in fact, in this case, it was nostalgic) and a singer with a pleasant but edgy voice.  Their lyrics leave a little to be desired, and quite a bit is left up to the imagination, but they’re indie pop already; they can only get better with time.

The Like.  I like them.

I also liked this one because, I guess, it showed a more upbeat side to The Like.

The Like – The One

And last, but certainly not least, there’s “Waves That Never Break,” which reminds me a lot of The Elected or Rilo Kiley meets Orenda Fink meets Metric, maybe.  Weird combo.  It works, though.  This quite shows off Z’s raw voice, which is always nice and a must for me.

The ElectedOrenda FinkMetric looks a bit like Uma

The Like – Waves That Never Break

So listen to those, and I will clean my room for Jenny.  Or raise my English grade.  By the way…any links I put on this site will automatically open in a new window.  I’m so incredibly generous to consider small details such as that.  Yay me.


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wth. i cannot believe you didn’t tell me you might move.

Comment by divya

I’m still yearning and burning like a bridge for Miss Jenny Lewis. And oh it hurts.

I always think I’m neurotic for being kind of how you just described, “Well , it would be better if ____”. Especially if when I attain what I desired, I just find a flaw in it or something else that could be better in my life. Listening to some RK makes me think that…it’s just being a woman, really. One with at least a few thoughts of her own, since I have to exclude the African Oompa Loompa exchange students.

Comment by Edawg

i miss guava… that’s why i started a blog in the first place. I’m still tryin’ to move on…


Comment by 'nas...tita?

guava says keep it up, girl

Comment by guava cupper

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