28 September, 2006, 1228 am
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As I wrote in my LJ today, someone could punch me in the face right now, and I’d giggle, smile at them, maybe give them a hug, and say, “I get to see Jenny Lewis!!!!!!!!1  WITH EDAWGGGGG!!  AIEEEEE!!!!!  Thanks!!!”  Whereas, normally, if someone punched me in the face, I’d either be pissed as fuck and kick them, yell profanities, or go cry in the corner because everyone hates me.  See, even if I don’t get to go see Jenny (I WILL–my mom got to see goddamn Greg Brady and get his autograph when she wanted to–why the fuck shouldn’t I see Jenny?!  Also, she dated Dan Roebuck when she was fifteen and he was fourteen–he asked her out.  I didn’t date anyone famous; she has one up on me), I will be disappointed, but I’ll still be less than a half a tank’s worth of gas away from her.  Which is satisfactory enough for me.


See, normally, again, I’d be the normal level of excited.  You know, “Woohoo.”  I’ll get over it.  Just, first, I thought I’d have to wait for years to see Jenny, and who knows what will have become of her that time.  Also, I just started this Jenny hype in like February or March.  I write about her all the time.  I’m not creepy-obsessive, I swear…but for me, Jenny is the essence of the every girl, and Conor is the essence of the perfect guy, per se, in the way he writes and articulates his feelings.  Call me crazy.  Call me names, but just being in the same room as Jenny will be a writing experience…twenty paragraphs.  NO FLUFF, EVEN.  Lordy.  I’m stoked out of my pants.  For Jenny only.  More so for Jenny because she seems most relatable out of my two must-see idols.  It would be easy to approach her and talk to her.  God…I really need to shut up.  It’s just, none of my classmates know who Jenny is, unless they read my blog, but they can’t appreciate her the way E-Dawg and I do.

I’m getting coughy from all this excitement.  I need to do my homework and take some cough medicine.  Maybe more later, maybe?



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Actually, today in Geometry, I went into an imaginative spree, like I often do, and I pictured us at the concert. It was the ending of “Happy”, so we were fairly meelow, and then the music changed into the beginning of “Handle With Care”, which got us loud and hyped. THEN, all of a sudden, Conor rushes in from backstage to sing his part and we basically die and come back about 90 bajillion times.

Geometry is boring.

Comment by Edawg

i be very excited for you. :)

Comment by divya

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