20 September, 2006, 206 am
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As of today, I’ve decided to disregard all deadlines unless the deadlines other people have start getting respected. It’s obnoxious how much is just cancelled out by people who say it’s gonna happen now, and then it doesn’t. In Driver’s Ed, Simulator 5 is broken–mine and Sara’s. It was supposed to be fixed by last Monday or so. Psych. In band, there are millions of missed deadlines. Marimbas and vibes still haven’t arrived, three months after the fact. We just got the closer to the show on Thursday, over a month after it was promised (and we’re expected to have it memorized in a week–keep in mind that we have social lives, school, and mounds of homework). Our shirts? Well, they were due Friday…What about being released from class on time? What ever happened to seniority of juniors? Late buses. Everyone thinks I’m a freshman, for the third year in a row. Thanks, guys. I think this is either a lesson in karma about my numerous missed deadlines, or it’s God’s way of pushing me to the edge so I gain impatience and put myself out there in the world. Then again, maybe everyone just sucks except the students. I know that someday, I’ll get my turn to be old and powerful; right now, it’s my opportunity to be young, hip, and powerless. But I’m getting sick of it, finally. I have the urge to be a leader, but nobody looks up to me because I always stoop to their levels. Figuratively. Plus, I’m a girl, literally. Weird how free everything is, but it really is sexist sometimes.

sooo sexist

I’d like to use this opportunity to advertise for perhaps my favourite MySpace band. I swear they didn’t ask me to do this, and I don’t know if they’d appreciate it, since the one time I commented them really long and thoughtfully, they just responded with a “Thanks” or a “Thanks that means a lot” (with no punctuation, lowercase, like that) and the person who read it was probably like, “What the fuck? Restraining order? Next!” like on that MTV show, “Next,” which I secretly watch but absolutely despise because they always call skinny girls fat, which lowers my own self esteem. Like run-on sentences? Yeah, me too. Anyhow.

In this situation, I could actually write about either of two bands, powerpop geniuses Nude or indie rock chats Shining Through. I lean towards Nude, because they were never directly rude to me, and I think their songs in general are catchier and more emotional. But you know who commented back? Shining Through. Even if it was halfhearted, unlike my comment.

The first thing I noticed about Shining Through that I liked was probably their sound. Even if a song has the best lyrics, I won’t listen to it if it sounds like shit. My automatic liking for them would make sense, since they list influences such as Bright Eyes, Cursive, and Pedro the Lion. OOH press pause; I found my comment to them. Jackpot.

Well, maybe I won’t post the comment to and the comment fro. Maybe at the end of this entry. Anyhow, my favourite song by them is called “The Smoke and the Sounds.” Overall, the lyrics summed up my situation and the sound summed up my fury a few months ago, so I was obsessive. It’s diverse enough not to be annoying, and you can take it seriously, but it’s catchy enough that anyone could like it, if they were in an angry mood, or maybe a weird, loud kind of self-pity. When I pity myself, I listen to Elliott Smith or certain Bright Eyes/Rilo Kiley songs (the only Rilo Kiley pity songs would have to be “Does He Love You,” “A Man/Me/Then Jim,” “RIPCHORD,” “Pictures of Success,” “Plane Crash in C…” Okay, so there are a lot of Rilo Kiley pity songs, but they’re far above average). But when I’m mad, I’ll turn to rock stuff, and that’s where Shining Through comes in. They’re angry and emotional and original, with lyrics that read like prose. It’s great. But I’m telling you, go to their MySpace and at least download “The Smoke and the Sounds,” because it’s more than worth it. It’s free, douchebag. Do it.

Here’s our conversation, by the way. Note that I’m as sincere as, like, Goldilocks, and he’s as insincere as a vegetable. Fuck yes.

“i am not a great new friend. i am an oldish one. and man…’the smoke and the sounds’ is one of my favourite songs ever ever ever. the lyrics are amazing and completely relatable…the story of my life. of course, i love all your songs…that one just stands out. it even beats out many cursive and bright eyes songs for me. it’s groovy. alright, peace.”

That was for the blind. Oh, and because of the higher-level thinking comment I got back, I take back what I said about them being up there with the likes of Bright Eyes and Cursive. I was actually probably lying to flatter them some and inspire them to make some new songs, damn it. By the way, I don’t do that to most bands/people. Just the ones I think aren’t going to listen to me because I’m inferior because I’m not in a band/not “chouette” (which, by the way, means owl, yes, or neat/cool according to modern French books). And you can always tell. Otherwise, I compliment too subtly and way too indirectly.

For those of you who can’t read rude/upside down (sorry; my computer won’t let me change that no matter how many times I reupload it), it says “thanks so much it means a lot.” No punctuation, either; I just had to put the period to end my original sentence. Yeah, thanks a lot, Shining Through. I don’t even get a fucking period. I’m putting in a good word, though, since I have faith.

But/however, Marc Spitz is another story. Haha, half-kidding; I didn’t expect a response to that one, and he’s still my favourite author.

By the way, while browsing YouTube, I found this…and just about laughed my ass off at the end, trampoline…and the hats…looks like they ran out of things to ask in those seven minutes.


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You Tube is god. I’m hoping one day I’ll put some pointless vid on there, and get all famous. Like that Evolution of dance kid. And I hear ya about those band tees :P

Comment by laurrasb

Deadlines…djkxbjcsjkdvncdf ikjvderbr. If you close the door, you’ll never have to see the day again.

One of my favourite with a “u” Rilo Kiley pity songs is “Rest of my Life”. I’d like to think it was meant to be or an extremely weird coincidence, but every time it randomly came on my iTunes or then-CD player last year (during the time that I was foolishly obsessed with a certain man that we mutually understand whom), he would call. I’ve never told anyone that because they’d think I was lame, but it was literally EVERY time.

Speaking of Mr. Blake Senett (sp?), The Elected have a great collection of pity songs which I love, even creepy ones like “I Dont Care”.

Comment by Edawg

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