16 September, 2006, 458 am
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I’m single and relatively happy but I wish certain people would stop trying to change that (being single and happy; they’re making me pissed slash annoyed that I’m claimed property), while I wish others would persist in trying to change that, please (single and relatively happy slash property; I’d love to be ecstatic and free).  I think some people need to go to body language school, because I tend to use a lot of body language on purpose because I know that I take into account other people’s body language, and you should start.


I hate having dibbs called on me, by everyone.  Someday, I will rebel and be all by myself.  I want an underdog who’s not even on the radar to come in and sweep me off my feet, movie-style.  Like that will happen, seriously, but I hope it will.  At this point, I know who the underdog is and nobody else has a clue.  And I’m rooting for him like hell.

Ha, watch me become a nun.


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oh my gosh the koolaid man pic made me laugh hysterically. idk if i told u but me and my friend kathryn have this huge inside joke over “OH YEAH!!” and the koolaid man………..ohhh wow. good times.

Comment by divya

oh and i’m rooting for your underdog too then. well hey i’ll be a nun with you. a hindu nun. such a thing doesn’t exist, but i’ll pave the road for a few more.
btw- listen to the Andante Maestoso movement of Gustav Holst’s Jupiter:The Bringer of Jollity from his The Planets, if you haven’t heard it before…’s so pretty.

Comment by divya

OR maybe someday you’ll find someone who’ll look into your eyes and say “Hello….you’re my very special one.”

and you’ll feel the same.

Comment by Edawg

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